5 Things To NOT SAY To A Suicidal Or Depressed Person: Part 2

Many times, people assume that those who are suicidal are not mentally strong. The fact is, being suicidal does not mean that a person is a quitter, lazy or mentally weak. It simply means that the person is suffering from a mental health condition and needs assistance.

In addition to the 5 things we mentioned in our Part 1 in the series, here are 5 more things you should NEVER EVER SAY to someone who is depressed or suicidal.

It is true that there will always be someone who has less or more problems than someone else, but that does not mean that the problems faced by a suicidal person are any less. Instead of making them feel better, you will only make them feel as if they deserve more problems.

Being suicidal is a medical condition, not wishful thinking that will suddenly come out of nowhere and vanish on its own. In order to battle suicidal thoughts and come out from it with a positive mind, it is important to get the required professional help. It is not necessarily true that things will get better just like that, so don’t say it unless you can make it better.

A suicidal person may come across as selfish, talking about themselves all the time. But it is a clear sign that they need your attention for more reasons than just the superficial feeling. A suicidal person is not selfish. They go through immense pain, confusion and anxiety, and trying to fight it off alone can get terribly scary.

Asking a suicidal person to stop talking about how depressed and low they feel is like asking them to go ahead and end it, and put a stop to the entire turmoil going on inside.

Meeting people has nothing to do with making someone feel positive, especially when it’s a constant battle with depression and suicide. What a person needs most at this time is understanding, love and genuine care and attention, not going out partying and trying to be socially friendly and active.

Dealing with a suicidal person can take its toll on anyone, but it is important to be there and not give up on your loved one. If you feel you, or someone you know is suicidal, please make sure to notify and get professional help.

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