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5 Things To NOT SAY To A Suicidal Or Depressed Person: Part 1

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5 Things To NOT SAY To A Suicidal Or Depressed Person: Part 1

Almost all those people who have experienced suicidal tendencies have been through depression at some or the other time. In most cases, they either had support from family or friends, or did go ahead and get medical help. When that does not happen, things can take a tragic turn. As someone who is dealing with a suicidal person, there are certain things you should take care of, and the first thing to keep in mind is the way you speak and what you say.

5 Things You Should ‘NOT SAY’ To A Suicidal Person

The way you handle the entire situation and the way you communicate with a suicidal person can make all the difference in their behavior. Here are some things you should definitely NOT SAY to someone you suspect or believe is suicidal.

Honestly, no one has an idea of what really goes on in a person’s life, or for that matter, in a person’s thought process. The reasons that may drive someone towards depression and suicide could be unbearable for them, but absolutely alright for you. So don’t try to paint a positive and happy picture of someone else’s life, especially one who is suicidal.

One of the worst ways you can make a suicidal person feel even worse about the entire thing is to heap guilt. Of course, they know they have family and loved ones who will be affected, but something has happened to bring them to this point, and adding that guilt on them is not a good idea.

Those who are not suffering from suicidal almost always tend to look at it as the easy way out. The thing is, trying to kill yourself is not always easy, especially when you know how devastated others will be. Understand that there is a reason why the person is feeling this way. Of course, taking one’s life is not a solution, but help with giving better solutions instead.

The biggest reason that most suicides end in a tragic result is that others fail to see the warning signs. Many times, a suicidal person will share these thoughts, or mention that they do want to commit suicide. It could be their way of asking for help and not just looking for attention.

This is one of the most provoking things you can say to someone who is already suicidal and the worst way to push someone towards it. A person who is truly suicidal will not go about telling others every plan of taking a life, but will surely give out signals, some of which are indirect ways of asking for help.

Please remember that suicide is not a made-up thing. It is a medically certified mental health condition, one which requires an intense amount of love, care, and understanding. If you suspect yourself or a loved one of suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, be compassionate and get professional help as early as possible.