4 Home Care Tips After Open Heart Surgery

After you are discharged and reach home, it is important to follow all the advice from your medical team. In addition, there are some more things you should keep in mind. Have a look below.

1. Taking Care Of The Wound

It is important that you always keep your wound dry and also clean it regularly. For the first few days your doctor may ask you to not take a bath, so take a sponge to keep yourself clean. Once the initial days are over you can start taking a bath, but be careful that you do not wet the wound area. In case you notice any oozing or redness in the area, or feel the area around the wound is getting hot, or if you have a temperature that is beyond 100 F, call the doctor immediately.

2. Managing Pain

You will already have a list of pain medications that your medical team will provide you with even before you are discharged from the hospital. As your wound will start to heal, you will feel some itchiness, dryness and stretch in the area, which is normal. However, you need to see if there is a lot of pain near the wound. If you feel any pain that you think is worsening, speak to your doctor.

3. What You Eat

Anything that you eat at this time will directly determine the condition of your health. It is important to eat as much fresh foods as you possibly can. Your doctor will be the best guide to tell you what types of foods or food groups you should eat and what to avoid, so make sure you follow that properly.

4. Getting Back To Regular Activities

Give yourself some rest for at least the first 6 to 8 weeks. You can try and do some simple tasks around the house that will not stress you out. Make sure you do not have to stand in one place for more than 15 minutes, and definitely do not push or pull things yet. Speak to your doctor and start with some very basic and light exercise, such as light walking. If you feel tired or out of breath, stop and take rest. Your doctor will also be the best person to tell you when you can resume your sexual life.

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