4 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For Your Health

Whether you are health conscious and only eat what comes with a healthy branding, or want to get on the health trail, check out these foods that may or may not be so good for you after all.

4 Healthy Foods That Are Not So Healthy

flavoured soya milk

Almost everyone is trying to switch to soya milk today, especially the flavoured ones. Even as various celebs endorse these products, the fact is that flavoured soya milk is not that healthy. While soya milk is good, especially for those who are lactose intolerant, the flavoured ones come loaded with a high dose of sugar. Easily avoidable!

Try having almond milk instead.


If you are hungry and on a diet, maybe you’ve already tried eating granola bars. Even as you feel you’re eating healthy when you snack on granola bars, do you know how much fats, calories and sugar they actually contain? Almost the same as a regular chocolate bar!

Carry a small pack of roasted nuts instead, such as almonds, melon seeds, flax seeds or sunflower seeds.

vitamin water

Another sham that most health conscious people end up going for is vitamin water. Beware, as each bottle contains quite a high amount of sugar. Also, the ones that claim to be low in calories contain artificial sweeteners that can make you pile one weight.

Go for infused water and make your own at home, by adding slices of fresh fruits and vegetables to your bottle of water.

no fat yogurt

Not all fat is bad for you, and going for yogurt that is low in fat content, or has no fats in it, is not such a healthy option. If you’re having fat-free yogurt that is flavored, it means that not only is it depriving you of essential fats, it is also loaded with extra sugar. Not a good choice.

Make your own flavoured yogurt by adding freshly cut fruits or chopped nuts.

Remember that before you pick up anything that claims to be healthy, it is important to read the information on the packaging. Check for additional calories, sugar and such factors to understand if what you are eating is really healthy or just marketed as such.

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