4 Easy Ways To Prevent Common Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases is not a myth, it is one of the most glaring and common health scare in recent times that affects almost everyone in one way or the other.

From obesity to diabetes to sleep apnea, heart conditions, cancer and more, the term ‘lifestyle diseases’ includes a host of diseases that are growing more common by the day. While it does sound something to be worried about, the good news is that you can prevent the same with a few changes in lifestyle.

fresh fruits

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will give your body the necessary antioxidants and phytonutrients that will help fight diseases and keep your immunity strong. Plant based foods also contain a good amount of fibre, which will keep your digestive system in good health. They are also low in their cholesterol as well as fat content, and it means that even as you will feel full, it will not make you gain unnecessary weight.

Some diseases that you can fight off by eating these healthy food types are heart conditions, hypertension, obesity as well as some types of cancer.


When you exercise on a regular basis, it will help to improve your blood circulation as well as release your stress. Not just that, exercising every day, no matter the duration or the type of exercise that you do, will also help you build muscle and keep your joints in good health. But remember that in order to get the maximum benefits, you should exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week.

Some diseases that you can fight off by regular exercising are arthritis, dementia, obesity and sleep disturbances.

girl drinking water

Water is one of the healthiest drinks that you can have every day, which will keep a host of diseases at bay. When you drink water, it helps to flush out the toxins from your body and keeps your overall bodily functions working in perfect order, including your digestive system. Make sure that you have at least 6 to 8 litres of water each day to get the best benefits.

Some health issues that you can prevent by drinking enough water are kidney stones, urinary tract infection (UTI) and obesity.

Quit smoking today

When you smoke, you are at the highest risk of damaging your lungs and choking your airways. The smoke also enters and stays in the small pockets of air that are present in your lungs and are called alveoli. In fact, cigarette smoking is one of the biggest reasons for causing lung cancer. Even if you do not smoke yourself, if you are a passive smoker, someone who is always exposed to second hand smoke, you are still at a very high risk. Cut down as much as you can, or if possible, quit completely.

Some diseases that you can prevent by giving up on smoking include lung infection, lung cancer, bronchitis, anxiety and stress, depression, heart conditions, blood cancer, high cholesterol, infertility, erectile dysfunction and such.

It is important that you take care of your overall health, including eating habits, sleep pattern, exercise and more, to make sure you can prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases. Also, speak to your doctor and get yourself tested at regular intervals.

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