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10 Signs Of Dementia You Need To Remember

There are various factors that could trigger dementia, such as a stroke, but sadly, there is no treatment yet. Even though it was earlier regarded as a health issue that was common in the old age, it has now started affecting people in their middle age, and in some cases, even earlier.

Here are some of the most common signs of dementia that you can watch out for in yourself, or in your loved one.

1. Change In Personality

Mood swings is one of the most common yet in-deciphered signs of dementia. In many cases, these changes in personality could be quite subtle, while sometimes, they could also be very obvious. For instance, a person who is prone to dementia may suddenly become overly depressed, or overly outgoing. In some cases, people start becoming overly loud and boisterous, or may end up saying things that are not typically in their nature.

2. Difficulty In Communicating

A person who is just starting to get affected with dementia may also find it difficult to communicate properly. Often, it will become difficult to find the right words that will go with a certain setting. In such a scenario, it will be more and more difficult to continue with the conversation, as the words seem to disappear.

3. Feeling Confused

As dementia starts to hit, you will feel more and more confused even at very regular and seemingly small instances. It is a function of memory loss, difficulty in communication and difficulty in understanding, all rolled into one. You may find it difficult to remember names, recognize known faces, place a certain incident in time, or simply feel confused about where you are.

4. Disinterested In Things

You will suddenly feel like moving away from people and activities and not feel interested in almost anything. As a result, many people who are just beginning to get inflicted with dementia may lose interest even in their hobbies, or not report to work on a regular basis. Not only will it lead to loss of interest in regular tasks, you will also find it difficult to pick up a new activity or routine.

5. Losing The Sense Of Direction

As it gets more and more difficult to follow instructions, you will also find it difficult to follow a route, even a known one. You will even find it difficult to remember known places, or navigate while driving with the help of a map.

6. Not Being Open To Any Change

Another common sign of dementia is the severe fear of change. Those who get affected often find it extremely scary to take up something new that is not already aligned to their regular routine. One of the biggest reasons for this is also the fact that it becomes difficult for them to follow a conversation and understand instructions.

7. Losing Memory

The loss of memory when triggered by dementia could either be short term or long term. Often, you may feel that it is a case of simple forgetfulness, but it could very well be the start of a journey with memory loss. A very common and tell-tale sign of dementia is when a person can recall incidents from years back, but suddenly finds it difficult to remember what they did a few hours back. Simple instances as forgetting where you have kept something or forgetting where you are headed when you are already on the way are also giveaways for dementia.

8. Difficulty In Carrying Out Chores

Those who start getting affected with dementia will find it increasingly difficult to carry on with simple everyday tasks. For instance, it can get difficult to play games where you are required to follow a set pattern or have to follow a lot of rules, or a visit to the bank, or any task that involves multiple actions.

9. Become Repetitive

This can be an irritating sign that you may completely fail to recognize, especially when you start experiencing memory loss. Most people who get affected with dementia end up repeating tasks through the day. For instance, you will forget that you already brushed, and end up brushing your teeth over and over again, forgetting about the last time you brushed. You may ask a question, receive the answer, forget about it and ask again. Or you may keep repeating the same sentence over and over again, without realizing you are doing so.

10. Losing Out On Threads

If you are at risk of dementia, you will find yourself losing out on ongoing threads quite often. For instance, you will find it difficult to follow a movie, or keep track of a particular series you may have loved watching till now. Sometimes, you may also forget what a particular word means and lose track of the entire concept altogether.

If you or someone close to you is showing these signs, it is important to get in touch with a medical team and understand the situation correctly. Also, those with dementia need round the clock care and attention, so you can book an appointment with our care experts and talk about it.