Old Age Homes In Thane

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Thane.

Old Age Homes In Thane

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Thane.

It is normal for each one of us to want to care for our parents forever. We want them to give best of environment, but due to our busy schedule loneliness is something we cannot avoid for our parents, as much as we would love to.

The next immediate reaction is, if we cannot avoid it, we will help them through it. While the emotion is appreciated, we all know that it is impractical in the long term. In the nuclear family set up of India, the equired support system is just not available for you to go out for work, with a peace of mind that someone is available to take care of your parents. The support available with the joint family system is a distant dream now.

This is the primary reason of coming up of so many old age homes in Thane and other cities. These homes are not a place for people to shrug off the responsibilities of their parents. Instead, the whole idea behind these is to give the seniors the much-desired company of the people their own age. The busy and active lifestyle along with the company of their peers keeps them active and healthy.

The added advantage is the 24 X 7 supervision, assistance in their daily needs and the immediate availability of medical aid in case of an emergency. Therefore, the old age Ashram in Thane and neighboring areas are seeing an increasing trend in the number of inmates.

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Thane.

1. Smit Old Age Home & Care Foundation

Address: Sanjivani Complex, Retibunder Road, Near pipeline, Kalher Gav, Bhivandi Road, Thane West 421302

Phone: +91 9172707603 | 9930179960 | 9834429280

Website: www.vatsalyaoldagehome.org

Facilities: A known name in the locality, this Old Age Home in Thane, has a number of unique programs like Yoga, Meditation, Picnics, Library and other events for its inmates. They even have a youth therapy program where the youngsters are allowed to mix with the elders in a manner beneficial to both. The home also has emergency medical services as well as a dedicated program for the elderly who are bedridden..

2. La Compassion ElderCare LLP

Address: 1903 Cielo D Wing, Lodha Splendora, Ghodbunder Road, Bhayendar pada, Thane (W), Maharashtra, India.

Phone:  +91 98210 28168, +91 99208 44140

Website: www.lacompassion.in

Facilities: A prominent name in the old age homes in Thane, La Compassion offers a number of facilities including 24 X 7 Care Assistants, Day Care, Entertainment facilities like TV, Carom, Movie nights and Medical care. The nutritious meals from the supervised kitchens and the safety of the residents are given utmost priority.


3. SS old age ashram in Thane 

Address: Lodha Society Flat no 2403 B Wing Ciara Building 24th Floor, Ghod Bunder Road, Thane West, Thane – 400601

Phone: +91 9004579188

Website: www.nishkalanka.com/

Facilities: SS Old age home in Thane offers a host of services to its patrons like daycare, hygienic facilities, events and celebrations, medical assistance and emergency care.

4. Krishnarao Vrudhashram and Old Age Home in Badlapur

Address: Krishnarao Apartment, Meenatai Thackeray Garden, Badlapur (E), Thane – 421503, Maharashtra

Phone: +91 986936382

Website: www.krishnaraovrudhashram.com/

Facilities: Another well-known old age home in Badlapur,Thane, they are known for the support provided to aged and bedridden patients from all sections of the society including medical care, emergency assistance and a hygienic facility.

As convenient as it may be to place your parents in an old age home, it is always a better option to appoint a caregiver to take care of them right in your home. The Old Age Homes in Thane may have everything you desire for your parents and all the facilities, there are certain advantages associated with having a caregiver at home, they cannot match up to. Some of these advantages include:

  • Familiar Environment – The biggest and most satisfying advantage is that your parents get to stay at home, amongst familiar surroundings and the people they love. This in itself, such a positive that they lead a happier, healthier and longer life. This happiness just cannot be replicated in any old age home.
  • Personalized Care – Even though the Old Age Ashram in Thane have the best facilities, the services are generic. So for seniors requiring specialized care like cardiac care, it is difficult to get the same. The caregiver at home, on the other hand, can give professional and personalized care.
  • One-on-one attention – The attendants at the Old Age Ashram in Thane have to take care of everyone and hence one-on-one attention is impossible. On the other hand, a home attendant is available dedicatedly for your parents and their full attention is on one person only.
  • Value for money – Not a factor to be considered when it is about your parents, it still is much more economical to have a caregiver at home, taking care of them in the long run.

Even though old age homes have their own set of advantages, it is a well-established fact that having dedicated elderly caregiver at home is for everyone’s benefits. We at Care24 understand this and have specially trained staff who can take the best care of your parents and other elderly relatives. Once you have decided to engage our services, you can rest assured about your loved ones.

All our staff is carefully screened and selected, and they all come to your house with their identity cards Thus, you need not worry about the security and safety of your loved one. They are trained to assist the elderly with everything including maintaining hygiene, changing clothes, assisting in movement and eating as well as giving them company. Thus, all-round care of your elderly loved ones is guaranteed with our caregivers.