Old Age Homes
In Noida

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Noida.

Old Age Home In Noida

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Noida.


In this fast pace running life, the senior citizens are often left lonely and unattended in the most needed phase of their life. With increasing responsibilities and hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to spend time with them. This often makes the elderly lonely or depressed as the old age brings along so many health issues too. To cope up with the condition well, old age homes seems to be the perfect place for the elderly. And if you are in a bustling city like Noida, you might have thought of enrolling your beloved in an old age home in Noida.

In old age homes, the elderly can easily live enjoying the company of the same age group members. The senior citizens receive the attention and love which overcomes the depression and loneliness among them. Nowadays, modern senior homes provide more comfort and great lifestyle after 60 due to which many elderly prefer to live in old age homes.

Times have changed and so are the choices. Nowadays, old people like to spend quality time happily and interact with the same age people. Old age homes enable them to live an active social, active and healthy life. Their friends and family members can visit them regularly which make them feel homely in the old age homes. Thus, it becomes a good choice for every senior citizen as they can now connect with their own generation living their own lifestyle.

Top Old Age Homes in Noida

If you are in search of an old age home in Noida, following are some of the topic picks according to us –

Elders Home Nursing Care Noida

Address: Pocket V Kendriya Vihar II Sector 82, Kendriya Vihar II, Sector 82, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304

Phone: 083685 05130

Facilities: Provides all kind of nursing care and assisted living. Highly trained nurses and attendants provide 24*7services.

Jan Kalyan Trust

Address: C-5, Sector 55, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 0120 243 2195

Website: https://www.jankalyantrust.org/

Facilities: Provides secure shelter for the lower and middle class elderly. Good infrastructure provides a safe and secure space for senior citizens. The inmates are provided food, accommodation, entertainment and medical facilities. This enables the elderly to live a comfortable and dignified life in a homely environment. Reputed old age Ashram in Noida.

Aayush Nursing Bureau Old Age Ashram in Noida

Address: Behind Rotary Noida Blood Bank, Near Radha Krishna Mandir, Nithari Sector 31 Noi, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 092120 66102

Website: http://www.aayushnursingbureau.in/

Facilities: Provides nursing services like Patient Care, Attendants, New Born Baby Care, Mother Care, Ayahs, Male Female Nurses, Old Care Ages and Physiotherapist.  Get quality personals offering best patient care services. Get reliable attendants, nurses, Maid, Mother care etc from well-trained professionals. The specialized physiotherapists provide excellent physiotherapy services.

Old Age Care

The specialized team of nurses effectively takes care of your loved ones who need extra attention.

Male & Female Nurses

  1. Gauri Senior Living

Address: A-6, Sector 50 Block A Rd, A Block, Sector 50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 073096 62222

Website: http://gaurihomes.com/

Facilities: Focus on companion care, psychological support, home management and nursing care services. Provide old age ashram in Noida for seniors who need help to carry out daily activities.


Aarti Foundation De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre and Old Age Home

Address: Opposite -Mayawati Polytechnic College, Badalpur, Dadri, Dist: G.B.NAGAR.

Phone: 9810321184

Website: www.aartirehab.com

Facilities:  Offers various services such as indoor and outdoor psychiatric services, de-addiction, short and long term rehabilitation for chronic psychiatric patients, psychological intervention, yoga therapy, behaviour therapy, child guidance, I.Q. assessment, special learning disability clinic and relapse prevention care. Popular in drug and alcohol treatment and providing patients with a safe and homely environment.

Why Choose A Caregiver Over An Old Age Home In Noida and Greater Noida?

With ageing, elderly people are unable to perform their daily tasks and are more prone to injuries or accidents. They need special care and so it’s our responsibility to give them the care they need. But what if you don’t have time to look after them. The best solution seems to take them to the nursing home however many people are now opting for in-home care services. There are many benefits of getting home care services for elderly parents rather than taking them to the nursing home.  

  • The elderly can receive the best care and attention from the home caregiver. Also, they will feel more comfortable staying in their home rather than moving to a nursing home.
  • Studies have found that seniors who stay at home are physically and mentally fit as compared to those who live in nursing homes.
  • Home healthcare services promote the healing process in the elderly as they feel more comfortable at home rather than staying in a nursing home. The recovery process is fast and there are fewer chances of requiring the medical services.
  • With a home caregiver, old age people can enjoy their freedom and independence but in the nursing homes, they need to follow the rules.
  • Home care services ensure that the elderly get all the comfort and enjoy the food they like. Nursing homes often prepare food that may not be according to their choice. So, at home, your loved ones can enjoy tasty and nutritious food.

Before making a final decision of moving an elderly to a nursing home, make sure to think over it. There are many chances that in home-care suits them more as compared with nursing home services.

How Care24 can help?

Get home care services at a single click. We at Care24 provide you with the experienced and reliable caregivers who can offer the best healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Our trained professionals help your loved ones to recover faster feeling secure at home. You can stop your search of getting your loved one into an old age Ashram in Noida, since we offer at home care for the elderly.


The caregivers make a customized plan that suits your loved one’s health, need and requirements. You can completely rely on us and stop worrying about your senior family member as our caregivers will provide them with the utmost care, respect and attention they deserve. Along with it, they will enjoy the companionship and support of our caregivers.