Old Age Homes In Navi Mumbai

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Navi Mumbai.

Old Age Homes In Navi Mumbai.

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Navi Mumbai.

With the breakdown of the cAs we hear the word Old Age Home, the image that immediately conjures up in our minds is that of a depressing place, with a number of sad and unwell old people sitting and waiting – for their families.

Obviously, no one would like to imagine or even think of their own parents in such an atmosphere.

However, with the advent of the nuclear family system in India, another sad reality that has become part of life is that you cannot always be around your parents due to your other obligations. And the loneliness, as well as helplessness due to their advanced age, is inevitable.

The old age homes of today are not the sad and forlorn places they are made out to be. Instead, most of them keep the elder people in the old age home busy and engaged in various types of activities like picnics and games etc. This combined with being surrounded by the people of their own age gives the seniors a much happier and healthier life that is full of activity.

Another huge advantage is that all Old Age Homes in Navi Mumbai or other cities have associated medical care and emergency services to handle any untoward situation. This is not the case when they are left alone at home. So, constant supervision along with medical aid gives the seniors a fair chance at enjoying their lives without any worry.

In addition to the traditional old age homes that offer regular rooms and care facilities, along with some social activities, many modern senior homes are coming up that offer a fun and busy choice of life, especially after 60.

Even if your senior loved ones live with you at home, staying alone the entire day or just being with grandchildren can often lead to loneliness and depression, as they may not be able to connect with their own generation. This can lead to other health issues. In such a scenario, an old age home can be a good choice.

Here is a list of some of the top old age homes in Navi Mumbai.

1. Sharan (Home for Senior Citizens)

Address:  Sharan, Smt Kamla Raheja Rehabilitation Centre for Paraplegics, Plot No. 52,
Sector 9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703

Phone: +91 22 27801744, +91 22 27801849, +91 22 27800454

Website: www.vatsalyaoldagehome.org

Facilities: A happy place liked by its inhabitants, Sharan Old Age home in Vashi Navi Mumbai has some of the best facilities for senior citizens in Navi Mumbai including regular medical checkups, balanced diet, medical care and emergency assistance, library, TV room, professional security agency, activities and celebrations.


Address:  Plot No 20, Sector 1, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai – 400709, Behind Terna International School

Phone: +9198678 02089

Website: http://www.adharwad.org/

Facilities: Started with the aim to provide a dignified living for the elderly Adharwad has a number of facilities for them including hygienic environment, medical assistance, recreational activities, support for bedridden patients and a secure environment.

3. Rajpal Old Age Home, Old Age Care, Navi Mumbai

Address: Plot No 13, Sector 10 Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai – 400709

Phone: +91 8879257603 / 8779782434

Website: https://www.rajpaloldagehome.com/

A part of a larger medical group, this Old Age Home in Navi Mumbai offers not just the regular facilities like hygienic location, attendants, activities but is also backed up with 24 X 7 medical and ICU availability along with specialized and trained medical staff to take care of the elderly.

4. Narmada Niketan

Address:  Plot No. 2, Sector No. 8, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400 702

Phone: </span+91 22 2757 1555;

Website: www.ncf.cfsites.or

Facilities: Located in a peaceful society this Old Age Home in Navi Mumbai, the Narmada Niketan & Vishram Dham takes good care of its elderly inmates by providing them neat and clean premises, healthy activities like a library, bhajans and picnics, physiotherapy room, hair services and full-time medical care.

5. Ashraya Old Age Ashram in Nerul Navi Mumbai

Address: Plot No. 92, Nerul East, Sector 19, Nerul, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

Phone: 022 2770 0805

Website:  NA

Facilities:  One of the well-known Old Age Ashram in Nerul Navi Mumbai known for its services and dedicated attention to the elderly.

All said and done, there are no second thoughts to the fact that Old Age Ashram in Navi Mumbai and
elsewhere are a big help to the people living in them. But, there are significantly more advantages to the
elderly getting the services of a caregiver at home. There are so many reasons, this is a better
alternative, including

  • Feeling of belonging – The familiar environment of a place they have called home, the company of people they have known as their family and the proximity to a life they have lived forever are the best medicines in the world. The senior members of your family can have all of this, with a simple step of having a dedicated caregiver for them at home. Studies have shown that staying in a familiar environment alone increases the chances of their having a healthier life.
  • Unwavering attention – In an old age ashram in Navi Mumbai, there is one manager looking after so many people and the attention is divided. Any personal attention is received only after a medical emergency has already happened. Whereas, with a caregiver at home, the attention is undivided as well as the care plan can be customized to suit their individual requirements.
  • Value for money – Although not much of a concern, when it is about taking care of your parents, it has been observed that in the long run, the services of a caregiver at home turn out to be more economical than that of an old age home.

Here at Care24, we completely understand your sentiments with respect to your parents’ well-being and
the need to take care of them as best as possible. This is why our staff is carefully screened before
selection and then thoroughly trained on specifics of elder care. Only then are they deployed at your

Each of our staff members always come with an identification card, thereby ensuring responsibility and utmost security of your loved ones. They will be around as long as you need them, to help your parents with eating, bathing, wearing clothes, maintaining hygiene, assistance in movement and keeping them company so that they do not feel lonely.