Nursing Bureaus In Gurgaon

Here is a list of some of the top Nursing Bureaus in Gurgaon.

Nursing Bureaus In Gurgaon

Here is a list of some of the top Nursing Bureaus in Gurgaon.

What is A Nursing Bureau?

As much as we want to be there all the time for our loved ones, we all understand it is not possible, especially in today’s nuclear family set ups. For someone entering a new phase of life (parenthood) or recovering from a surgery or illness or simply needing assistance due to their age; it is imperative that they have someone to help them all the time.


This continuous care is best given by people who can be present whenever they are needed as well as those who are trained in this sort of caregiving. The simple difference of the professional training between a relative and a trained nurse can make all the difference during an emergency. This is the reason, most people are turning towards professional nursing bureaus. It is easy to find a number of good and professional nursing bureau in Gurgaon and nearby areas.


Here is a look at the typical services provided by a nursing bureau. It is important to note that the good nursing bureaus in Gurgaon provide their services not just to homes but also to the hospitals. Hence, whenever you are hiring a good and professional nursing bureau, you can rest assured of the best care for your loved one. Some of the most common services are


Mother Care Services – A very important stage in any woman’s life is the time she embarks on the journey of motherhood. There are so many questions and so many doubts that she seeks help and guidance, which is not forthcoming in the nuclear families. Thus, a professional mother care giver is the best option, as they are trained in all the needs of the expectant mother as well as immediately after the delivery.


Child Care Services – An associated service of mother care and equally important is the care of a newborn. A professional nursing bureau will always have trained nursing staff to provide such care. Also, these services are helpful for parents of children with special needs.


Aayas – The quintessential aaya is someone we all are familiar with. Helping in everything from cleaning up to assisting in movement, these services are provided by all nursing bureaus.


Professionally Certified Nursing Services –


This is a specialized service for specific type of ailments like cardiac care or pulmonary care. These nurses are professionally trained and certified in the steps required to be taken in case of emergencies.


Ward Boy Services – Another familiar service in all hospitals, these are also under the purview of nursing bureaus, who provide manpower for these services.


Elder Care Services – Last but not the least, probably the most exhaustive service is that of seniors. They may need assistance in everything from sitting up, walking, lying down, wearing clothes, maintaining hygiene and for movement. The elder care service also includes accompanying them so as to combat their loneliness. These are professional services provided by most nursing bureaus in and around Gurgaon.

Best Nursing Bureaus in Gurgaon

Here is a list of some of the top Nursing Bureaus in Gurgaon.


1. Gurgaon Nursing Bureau –


Address: Jharsa, Sector 39, Near Gurudwara, Opposite Medanta Hospital Gurgaon – 122001


Phone Number: +91 9999310361




Facilities: One of the best nursing bureaus in Gurgaon, the Gurgaon Nursing Home provides a number of services to its patrons including providing specialized nursing staff for mother and child care, old age care, home services and nursing for kids with special needs.


2. Help Patient Care Bureau –


Address: H No-600, Gali No-4 Near Om Sweets, Arjun Nagar Gurgaon – 122001 Haryana


Phone Number: +91-9810711207, 09210711207, 09467726736




Facilities: This is a very well known nursing bureau in Gurgaon, Help Patient Care Bureau provides all services expected from a nursing bureau like Ayas and nurses for home, patient care, old age care services, emergency support, home visits, baby care services and staff nurses for private duty.


3. Life care Nursing Bureau –


Address: 1577/3, Rajiv Nagar, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana


Phone Number: 8750865365, 9456953025, 7906152106, 9717169984




Facilities: A familiar name in the Rajiv Nagar area of Gurgaon, Life Care Nursing Bureau in Gurgaon, is known among its clients and others for services like trained male and female nurses, new born baby care services, expectant and new mother care, aaya services, ward boy and attendant services. In short, they cover the whole gamut of nursing services.


4. Jeevanjyoti Nursing Bureau Regd. –


Address: Gali Number 13, Baldev Nagar, Near Jyoti Park Gurugram, Haryana 122001


Phone Number: +91 88511 64583 




Facilities: This nursing bureau in Gurgaon located in Sector 7 is a reputed name in the field of providing professional nursing services like that of old age care, home nurses, aayas and male nurses, kids care as well as mother care.

How Care24 Can Help?

When it is a question of full time care and well-being of your loved one, you would obviously want the best. Then it becomes a critical question as to how should you select a particular nursing bureau for their services.


Following are some parameters you can keep in mind while choosing:


Quality of Service – This is very important as your loved one’s well-being is concerned. Hence, you need to ensure that you are trusting the right people with such a huge responsibility.


Behaviour of the staff – The service provider staff is going to spend a lot of time with your family member, especially in your absence. Hence, it is of utmost importance to check their behaviour.


Professional expertise and experience of the staff – This comes in handy in times of emergency and hence must be verified before engaging the services.


Value for money – An important criterion for all decisions, while nothing is above your loved one, it is better to consider.


If you may be looking at nursing bureau in Gurgaon, Care24’s at-home nursing services are found a call away. We follow entirely stated health guidelines that allows you to give you the proper home care nursing services in Gurgaon. You do not have to proceed to in search of the best nursing bureaus in Gurgaon, in case Care24 provides award-winning home nursing services in Gurgaon.