Apart from providing the service, the company has to go through financial transactions to ensure that money is collected from the customer and is forwarded to the CGs on time.

We are charging it as it is being done for Customer’s benefit. Timely payments to CG ensure that CGs don’t have to worry about his salary and they can focus on patient’s care primarily.

Caregiver’s regular payments are one of their primary concern. We ensure that it is done in timely manner, so that Caregiver is free from such worries so they turn up day in day out to do look after the patient.

Payment Gateways and banks charge us for all the transactions. Also there is huge effort (directly and indirectly financial) involved in collection money from the customer and regularly pay the providers.

As a policy till date, company has waived off these charges to customer, but now we will start applying this processing fee to customers to enable us function well and serve the customer better.

No. All the previously settled payments will not be considered under this. This will apply to invoices generated on and after 13th May, 2019