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Balancing a busy life with your child’s welfare can be tough. That’s why Care24 offers reliable, experienced baby caregivers. With over a decade of service, we connect parents with trusted childcare professionals through our thorough screening process, ensuring your child’s safety.

Our specialized Nannies provide personalized care for infants and young children, tailored to their needs and following your routines. We aim to create a secure environment for your little one, supporting you through the joys and challenges of parenthood every step of the way.

Our mission is simple: to provide exceptional care for your children, allowing them to flourish and thrive while giving you peace of mind. Let us help you navigate the responsibilities of parenthood with confidence.

What we offer

  1. Infant Care: Welcoming a new born into the world is a magical experience, but it also comes with its own set of worries and uncertainties. Our infant care program at Care24 is designed to ease your concerns and provide your little bundle of joy with the love and attention they deserve. From tender cuddles and soothing lullabies to feeding and diaper changes, our experienced caregivers are here to ensure your baby feels safe, secure, and cherished.
  2. Toddler Care: Ah, the toddler years – a time of boundless energy, endless curiosity, and plenty of adorable mischief! Our toddler care program at Care24 is all about embracing the wonder of this stage while offering a supportive environment for your little explorer to learn and grow. With engaging activities, hands-on play, and plenty of affection, we help toddlers navigate this exciting chapter with confidence and joy.

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Duties & Responsibilities fo Nanny

Our nannies are here to support parents in providing excellent care for their children, adapting their duties and responsibilities to suit each household’s unique needs. Typically, a nanny’s responsibilities encompass all aspects of the child’s well-being. Here are some of the common duties and responsibilities of our nannies:

🍼  Preparing baby’s meals according to the child's preferences and dietary requirements.
🏠  Keeping living spaces, such as playrooms and bedrooms, clean and tidy
🚼  Changing diapers, bathing, and dressing the child
👕  Washing the child's clothes
🚽  Offering potty training as appropriate for the child's age
🛝  Accompanying the child during outings or playdates in the garden
🎒  Transporting the child to and from school
🕵  Supervising and engaging the child in indoor and outdoor play activities
💊  Administering medications according to parental consent

Why Choose Our Team

Experienced Staff

Our team of experienced caretakers for newborn baby have years of specialized experience.

One to One Care

Be it late in the night or early in the morning, our baby caretakers are always thee to be help

Certified Team

Our team of baby caretakers is well certified and qualified

100% Verified

We have a completely transparent system that is designed to be with the baby care at every stage of the process

Constantly Trained

Our team goes through regular drills to keep ready for all situations.

Health and Hygiene

New babies are prone infections. We take the utmost care to promote health & hygiene of the baby.

mehul bhanushali
mehul bhanushali
V Ramaswamy
V Ramaswamy
The Care manager Ms Pooja Yadav has been prompt in answering all of my queries, doubts and very helpful and courteous. Sachin Vilas Shinde the attendant has been Punctual ,done a very good job . He is polite and understanding of the needs of my father . Ramaswamy
puja jain
puja jain
I hired services for both of my parents at different times. Recent one was fir my mother for her post surgery of total knee replacement. The services and especially the hospitality of the staff and the caregivers is good. More particularly, Nahid and Afrida from company's managers and Minakashi and Sonam from caregivers team. Thank you care 24 for your services and reducing the stress of patient's family during recovery period.
Care 24 has been providing great caregivers every time we ask for. The caretaker Manisha Kamble has been of great support. She is very empathetic and prompt. Care manager Pooja Yadav has also been of prompt support and problem solver. Thanks for the services.
Neelkamal Garg
Neelkamal Garg
Gudia is nice caregiver. We give full marks for her work.
Amul Amul
Amul Amul
Blessed to have An Amazing elderly service to help the aged at home from care24 Miss Ridha is magnificent and humble nature person. She visited us and assigned us trained caregiver she on spot made the caregiver understand what our exact requirements with her visit. She gave us her precious time and came to us to check our patient health which I find nobody does it have taken service from other beuro too but care 24 service and relationship manager are excellent caregiver vikash Kumar was helpful and did work accordingly.