When You Visit Cancer Patients

Understand Patient's Needs And Requests, Empathise

Having such questions in mind is normal. To make your interaction easy with your friend or relative who is going through cancer, we have put down some tips that will help you.

1. Inform That You Are Coming

Always inform when you are going to meet someone. Cancer patients have a schedule they need to follow. Make it a point that you don’t interrupt the resting period. So do take a note of their schedule.

2. Limit Your Meeting Time

Cancer patients undergoing treatment become weak. Although it is good a good idea to catch up with them, it is important to understand that they may not always be in the position to talk or interact too much. However, if they ask you to stay, you can totally consider waiting for a longer time.

3. Be Clean

Some cancers cause vulnerable immunity which makes patients susceptible to various other infections and diseases. Knowing and understand patient history before visiting will then give much better insight about the patient. Your personal hygiene is then a big factor during when you visit cancer patient.

4. Explain in Brief

If you plan to take your kids along to meet your friend with cancer, make sure you tell them about the condition, and it’s severity well in advance. Do not force your kids to come if they don’t wish to.

5. Optimism

You should be optimistic during your interaction with the patient and family. However, make sure you do not force positivity or overtly sympathize or give unrealistic hopes. The patient and family have been through a lot while accepting various practicalities of the situation.

6. Physical Contact

A simple hug may cause severe pain to the cancer patient. While you should have some intimacy that shows your care, you should also know that it may not be okay to do so. In this case, When you visit cancer patients can ask the cancer patient or the caregiver before doing so.

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Please share your details and
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