What you did not know about Parkinson’s Disease

The loss of dopamine brain cells and reduced activity of neurons causes impairment of movements in body parts. Dopamine brain cells are produced in the substantia nigra of the brain. The death of Dopamine brain cells results in a drop of dopamine in the body.

Shaking of hands and legs


A person suffering from Parkinson’s disease faces tremors in arms and legs while walking, holding things or performing other daily tasks.


The patient gets tired very easily due to reduction in brain activity and difficulty in movements.

Muscle Ache


Aching of muscles is caused due to over stressing of muscles in performing any activity.

The affected person faces difficulty in walking, turning while walking, getting in and out of a car. His/Her leg get stuck often and there is a fear of falling while standing or even standing still.

There is an observable slowness in performing day to day tasks like bathing, dressing, eating and walking.

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