What Can We Do For Our Grandparents

what we can do for our grandparents

“We’re going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.”

“What do you do at Grandma and Grandpa’s house?”

“Anything I want.”

(Source: Humans of New York)

Top 5 things that we can do for our grandparents:

There is a strong bond between grandchild and grandparents, those are beyond words. As a good grandchild everyone wants to take care of their grandparents but being the youngest member in the family there are few questions in their mind like; How to help our grandparents? what can we do for our grandparents? how can we help our parents in taking care of grandparents? etc.
These few tips below will help you to understand in what ways do you help your parents and grandparents

What Do You Do For Your Grandparents

Talking With Grandparents – What Do You Do For Your Grandparents

Talk to them, make sure they talk – to you, family, their friends, neighbors and old colleagues. It’s important that they keep their energy flowing through social ties as much as possible. Help them to make phone calls. Grandparents always remember birth dates. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to write them on the calendar and keep it within their sight.

Make conversation, find out what they need – emotionally and otherwise. If you’re going to the market or even to work, ask them if you can get them anything. You’ll be surprised to find how similar grandparents are too small children. They’re reliving their childhood with age-old wisdom, it’s a different time to be in and they will not hesitate to tell you if they want something – you just have to be a bit more open.

Whether or not they require your assistance in reading the news, it’s a good idea to discuss it with them. Ask them what their views are on something, share your opinion, start a small debate or just crib about how newspapers these days are only about celebrity murder mysteries! Discuss politics, cricket or whatever it is that interests them.

With age, loneliness can set in and social engagement is a good way of keeping the spirit alive.

what can we do for our grandparents

Seek Advice – What Can We Do For Our Grandparents

It is rightly said that ‘those who are older should speak, as wisdom comes with age’. They have seen and experienced much more, and we must not stop seeking their advice even if we think we are old enough to think for ourselves. It creates a disconnect between them and us, and even if it may seem unnecessary to seek their advice on certain matters, knowing that you still confide in them, and seek their advice creates a healthy balance in the family.

It may be some girl you are trying to woo, or if you’re older, it may be that you’re planning to move to another city or start a new business. Whatever the case may be, it’s always good to take their opinion, even if you may not go through with it entirely. If not take an opinion, the least one can do is share.

On a lighter and slightly selfish note, it’s also much easier to confide in your grandmother if there’s a girl or boy you fancy. They are your first friends after all and if or when the time comes, it’s they who are going to stand by you, as always!! Sharing it with them only makes it simpler.

what can we do for our grandparents, What Can We Do For Our Grandparents, Care24

Teaching Your Grand Parents – How Do You Help Your Grandparents

Besides seeking learnings, there are also many things we can teach them – things that they are willing to learn but have trouble grasping, owing to age. A lot of seniors these days face hurdles not being able to use computers, smartphones or other gadgets. Whether it is to make a video call to their children who live miles away, send an email or even just use Facebook, they require our help in showing them how to get going. Do not lose patience or ignore their demands. If they are willing to learn, take some time out to teach them.

what can we do for our grandparents, What Can We Do For Our Grandparents, Care24

Outing With Grandparents – Helping Your Grandparents

Just like you need a break from work, they need a breath of fresh air after being indoors for long periods of time. Most people like to regularly go for walks in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to plan family outings from time to time. If something big isn’t feasible, one could at least move out of the neighborhood and visit a new park or beach. Invite other friends or family sometimes, take a few photos, build sand sculptures or if nothing, just relax. It’s important to be outdoors – it is very refreshing and helps to change negative patterns of thought.

How To Take Care Of Grandparents

Knowing Grandparent’s Interests – How To Take Care Of Grandparents

Do they like music? If yes, create a playlist of their favorite songs and make sure they have access to them – either on their phone, music player or computer. Teach them to use the device or if they can’t, put it on for them sometime during the day.

Do they like reading? Keep a well-stocked library of books in your home. Subscribe to magazines that they may enjoy or newspapers they prefer.

Do they like to create? Learn from them how to make beautiful garlands and if not knit a whole sweater, you could learn to knit/crochet at the most basic level. Ask them to knit something fashionable for you and flaunt it amongst your friends when they are around!

Thank them a lot, love them unconditionally, care them like babies and top of all always be around them and interact with them, this will also teach your friends and other generations about how do you help your parents and grandparents.

There are countless things we can do, let’s do all that is possible.

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