Types Of Arthritis And Early Signs To Watch Out For

In reality, arthritis can affect anyone, irrespective of the age, and can even affect children, which is known as juvenile arthritis. Arthritis is nothing but an inflammation that occurs in your joints and can lead to redness, tenderness, swelling and a feeling of heat at the affected area.

Here are a few types of arthritis conditions that are most common.


Also known as RA, it is a condition in which the immune system attacks the healthy cells in your body and causes inflammation. The most common areas that are affected are the joints, and it can lead to damage in the tissue of the joint. RA can cause long-term pain and even deformity in some cases. In severe cases, it can also affect the lungs, eyes and heart.


It is a condition in which only one joint is affected. Gout is a temporary condition and does not generally have any long-lasting effects, with the symptoms getting better in a matter of a few days or weeks. However, if you suffer from gout repeatedly at the same place, it could lead to deformity.


Also known as fibro, it can affect any soft tissue or muscles of the body. Being a long-term and severe type of arthritis, it either occurs on its own, or along with rheumatoid arthritis.


Also known as OA, osteoarthritis is the most common types of arthritis, in which the bones and cartilage in your joints start breaking down. Those who suffer from OA will experience immense pain, stiffness and sometimes even disability. The condition generally worsens over time.


Also known as SLE, Systematic Lupus Erythematosus is a type of condition where the immune system attacks the healthy cells in your body. As a result, various parts of your body get inflamed and the symptoms keep getting worse with time.

Juvenile Arthritis

Also known as childhood arthritis, it is one of the most common types of arthritis that affects children. Children who suffer from the same have difficulty in performing regular everyday tasks and may often also suffer some or the other type of disability.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of arthritis, irrespective of age:

  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Pain or stiffness in the joint, especially in the early morning or after waking up from sleep or while getting up from a lying down position
  • Rashes on any part of the body
  • Always feeling tired even if you are well-rested
  • Not feeling well without having any specific reason or symptom
  • Experience sudden mild fevers or sweat a lot at night, or feel very hot at night

While these are common signs of arthritis, it does not mean that if you have these symptoms, you do have the condition. Make sure to visit a professional and get yourself tested. With timely medical and professional care, you can prevent the condition from worsening.


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