Things You Must Know About Kidney Stones

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Things You Must Know About Kidney Stones

As per recent research, kidney stones occur in 15 percent of people in their lifetime. Men between ages 30 to 50 are about 1.5 times more likely to get a kidney stone than women. One would never want this to happen in their life because it is so painful and unbearable. There are many factors because of which kidney stones are built in your body. It does not develop overnight. Kidney stones are treatable but the process is so tough and hurtful. You would never even wish your worst enemy to have it. Kidney stones are the hard lumps that your body makes from waste products in your urine. The primary cause of having it is because of staying dehydrated and eating too much salty food. It is also hereditary; if someone in your family has this problem before there are chances you might have it as well. You need to be cautious in eating food and practicing a healthy diet from the start. And more than the diet one should stay hydrated because water can lessen the maximum problems during kidney stone problems.

Urinary tract infections are yet another cause of why kidney stones are created. Staying hygienic and clean and keeping your body clean is very important. One infection can lead to numerous problems and can also lead you to surgery. There are multiple symptoms which you can feel if you have a kidney stone issue. Some of them are blood passing through urine, crampy pain in your side, having the fever for a long time, stomach feeling sick and unbearable pain. If at all you are going through all these make sure you visit your doctor and get it checked. Doctors recommend doing the x-ray first so that they get a clear understanding and confirmation.

Kidney stones are very small like the size of a kernel of corn and a grain of salt. They might be smaller and not a stone in real but you will feel like it when it passes through the urine. The amount of pain is unbearable. It also begins when your body has too many minerals but not certain liquid; these pebble-like things form inside. If they are small they can pass through the urine and get flushed out. But, if they have grown a surgery has to be done because it might affect later if the treatment is not done. The stones are either brown or yellow and sometimes can be smooth or hard. As mentioned, there are 50 percent chances that men go through the kidney stone problem as double the time than women.

Minerals such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid are high in your body; there are higher chances of you getting diagnosed with kidney stones. Drinking a lot of water is way more important because only this way you can avoid surgery. And with the help of painkillers and other medicines, the big stones can break into smaller pieces and flush out from the urine. That is painful but taking painkillers for some time is much more commendable than going through surgery. One should drink enough water and fluids like juices to make 2 liters of urine per day so that the kidney stones easily pass. Salt is the vital component to take care of. Doctors will give you a proper diet but also make sure you avoid salt as much as possible. Even a half teaspoon can create issues internally.

A moderate amount of food and dairy products are recommended such as milk, cheese, curd which contains calcium and also helps you pull the toxicants out from the body. Lemon can be of great help since it contains citric acid. Uric acid is majorly released by a high intake of citric acid and lemons are a great source for that. Foods in moderation like okra, beetroot, spinach, start fruit, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, soybeans, tofu, black tea, dark chocolate can be eaten for more calcium and increase in blood level. So that you do not get weak while the treatment as well as later on. Vitamin C supplements are highly recommended but in limited dosage. As we say, prevention is always better than a cure. So even you feel like minor problems make sure you get it checked and start treating at an early stage.

Medication and temperature in which you are living are equally important. The warmer the temperature, the pain will be less as compared to earlier. Watch out at your workplace as well and take proper medication since that’s the only source of healing faster. Kidney stones are very common and it might occur after 10 years even once you get rid of it. So make sure you take proper treatment and take care of every time about the food you eat. Because you might have a loss in kidney functions if it’s ill-treated or not taken care of. Make health your priority always!