These Lifestyle Mistakes Could Be Making You Feel Tired All The Time

However, if you feel that being tired is your regular condition and if feeling fresh and active is a somewhat rare experience, it is possible you are doing some modern day lifestyle mistakes.

5 Common Lifestyle Mistakes That Could Make You Feel Tired All The Time

1. Too Much Screen Time At Night

If you had a long busy day, you probably are in the habit of unwinding at night by spending time in front of the screen. This could be your social media site, your phone screen, chat windows, the laptop, computer, television basically any device with a screen. You may feel you are relaxing, but actually, staring into the screen before your bedtime can negatively impact the quality and even quantity of your sleep. And unless you get good quality sleep, even if you do sleep for 8 hours, it won’t make you feel rested.

2. Not Taking Enough Breaks

It is important to take frequent breaks in between your work, especially if you are working in front of a screen. One of the biggest reasons for this is that when you are constantly glued to your screen, your eyes will get tired. And when your eyes are tired, your entire body will also start feeling tired. Taking a break at regular intervals will also help you to avoid any major health concerns related to your neck, spinal cord, shoulders and wrists. When you get up and walk and stretch your body, not only will it help you get back some zing, but will also reduce and prevent any body pain and stress.

3. Working Around Clutter

Whether you are at home or at your workspace, it is important to declutter and have cleaner surroundings. When you have too many things around you, your eyes will constantly take in all the extra activity and have too much visual data to process, thus tiring them out easily. Yet again, when your eyes get tired, your entire body starts feeling tired too. Make sure to go through your things at least once a month and clear out all papers, notebooks, files and any other items that you feel you don’t really need. If you can’t throw them away, store them in a drawer or somewhere where you can’t immediately see them.

4. Change In Season

Ever heard of the term SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well, it is a type of depression that affects people during certain months of the year, around critical season change moments. SAD is a recognized mental health issue and often is at its peak during the second half of the year, starting from autumn to the end of winters. While it is most common in women, almost anyone can get it. One of the key signs of depression is feeling tired all the time. To prevent getting affected with SAD, try using light therapy lamps that come with special features and fixtures.

5. Sedentary Lifestyle

You may feel that if you are tired, the last thing you have to or want to do is to exercise. But exercising on a regular basis can increase your energy levels and actually help you fight fatigue. Instead of relying on artificial means such as caffeine to boost your energy, try doing a quick jog or even a run up and down the stairs to boost up your energy levels and feel more active.

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