The Value of Baby Care for The Working Mom and Dad.

The past few decades have seen an increase in the number of day care centres and they have become a need of the hour. Most day care centres though, cater to the ages of 3+ and it’s very difficult today to find trusted nannies that can care for infants, unlike two decades ago. With lesser leave privileges in offices, shorter maternity leaves, short or no paternity leaves, it has become a distant dream for the modern day parent to be present for the child. Domestic financial conditions often make it impossible for either of the parents to leave jobs and even though one manages to do so, running the household is already so stressful that assistance becomes necessary in most cases.


Infant care is now on the rise and many home healthcare providers have started including this in their list of services. While a parent is forced to stay at home when a nanny falls sick or decides to take leave (worse when it’s unplanned), infant care providers have backups for such cases which allows for stability to the parents on the work front. It’s also cost effective as the care is personalised unlike in a day care centre. The care providers are usually verified and come with a lot of experience handling infants. This is a huge relief to most parents and with technological innovations, they can remotely supervise the activities of the care provider and be always assured that their baby is in safe hands.

It is important that one approaches a trusted care provider and with the growing demand and supply for baby care, the dream to start a family will no longer remain one, but will soon become a possible reality for everyone.


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