The Ultimate Guide To Managing Sinus And Allergy During Diwali

The particulate matter released from the fireworks results in serious conditions in the throat, nose, and eye such as bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, asthma, and laryngitis. It has severe effects in patients with heart, respiratory, or nervous system disorders and can worsen cold allergies or coughs, which can also cause congestion of throat and chest. Hence, it is important to maintain a safe distance from fireworks or stand upwind.

Here are some important tips for patients with allergies so that they can spend this Diwali cherishing memory with loved ones without any difficulty.

1. When you get there

When you get close to an area where fireworks are going off, scan the area for the least amount of smoke. Know where the nearest medical facility is to take action right away if needed. If you are at a public event, visit the campsite and explain your condition to them, making them aware how to treat you, should anything occur.

2. Medications

Make sure to carry your prescribed allergy medications such as adrenaline auto-injectors for an emergency allergy flare-up. For patients with sinus issues, take your medication beforehand as directed by your doctor. The best way is to carry a backpack to have personal items in handy including your auto-injector, antihistamines for allergies, water, food, and money.

3. Keep your friends in the know

The most important point to remember is that the people around you, especially your family and friends, should know about your allergies and how serious they can be if not controlled right away. This way, they will be aware and careful of lighting fireworks around you.

4. Eating out

Going to a family member or friendäó»s house to celebrate Diwali? This can be tricky if you have food allergies. Make sure you know exactly what you are allergic to and then make sure your family and friends are also aware of the fact. The most common allergens in food can be nuts, which are used in most Indian sweets made on the occasion of Diwali. Furthermore, you can bring your own food along if you are not comfortable eating there. This can include sandwiches and snacks such as fresh fruit and crisps.

  • Stay calm and stay with family or friends
    • Do not wander off on your own, as it is important to stay with people that can help you.
  • Ask someone to look for a medical personnel or call the emergency department.
  • Stay where you are, try to elevate your legs if possible in case you feel dizzy.
  • Use your auto-injector or ask someone to help you with it.
    • It is important to keep your inhalers and auto-injectors handy at all times. Also, just make sure that those are not expired.
    • Adrenaline is a natural hormone present in your body
    • From nervousness, exertion, or excitement, your body can process with little risk involved.

In conclusion, if you know you are a person who has allergies and/or sinus issues due to fireworks, have an action plan in case of an emergency. Do not ignore the festival altogether, as it is important to spend this time with your family and friends. Just be sure to be safe so that you can create lifetime memories.

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