Stress Less This New Year And Avoid These Health Problems

It is no surprise that being stressed can increase your risk for various health conditions, in addition to interfering with your everyday life.

As you get ready to welcome the new year, check out why it is important to beat the stress right now, and follow some simple tips to get healthier and happier.

6 Healthy Reasons To Beat Stress And How To Do It

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Those who tend to be stressed have higher levels of blood pressure, which can lead to various heart problems. When you are stressed, your heart beats faster and your blood flow is quicker than normal. As a result, the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides that are sent to your blood stream flow faster than they should, which can be damaging to your heart’s health.

Tip: Give a call to someone you love talking to you and talk about things that make you smile. If possible, hug a friend or a loved one.

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If you are already suffering from asthma, being stressed can worsen your symptoms. In some cases, studies have found that parents who are stressed out most of the time can unknowingly increase the chances of asthma in their children.

Tip-Go out and take a walk in fresh air and sunshine.

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When you are stressed, you are more prone to sudden and unhealthy eating, which is part of an emotional eating disorder. Alternatively, you may end up consuming alcohol to beat stress, which can also directly increase your risk of diabetes. Stress can also increase your glucose levels if you are already suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Tip-Put on a music track that you like and dance to it, without inhibitions.

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If you are the type who is prone to ulcers, being stressed can definitely increase your risk and make it worse. Being stressed can also have a negative impact on your digestive health and cause various gastrointestinal problems such as chronic heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.

Tip-Have some soothing tea blends such as jasmine or chamomile tea.

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Being stressed can definitely make you feel depressed and trigger a panic attack, or worsen your anxiety symptoms. In case of working professionals, the more you are stressed, the higher are your chances of being depressed within a few years, as compared to your counterparts who are less stressed or not stressed at all.

Tip-Lighting aromatherapy candles can immediately alleviate your mood. Alternatively, you can try sniffing soothing aromatherapy oils such as citrus based ones.

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Stress is one of the first and most common triggers of migraine related headaches, and if you suffer from migraine, being stressed will only worsen the pain. It can also bring on regular headaches even if you are not prone to migraine.

Tip-Try using scents that contain lavender, such as lavender essential oil, lavender based creams and candles, to ease stress and headaches.

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