Strengthen the bond with your Father this Father’s Day!

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He has always taken care of you. It time that you help him achieve his health goals too. Get up early in the morning. Take him for a morning walk. The bond that you will create here will give a new life to your relation!

Usually immersed in work, Dads tend to have a high caffeine intake. You can help him cut down his tea or coffee by limiting it to once or twice a day. Also, per day sugar intake must be decreased as you grow up, as it is good for long term health.

Children seldom have time or urge to know about their father’s work. They have a general idea, but rarely have a deep insight. It will be good if you take some time and talk to your father about his work, office life and aims and ambitions. See how he opens up to you and you will have immense learning.

It is always that dad encourages you to develop your hobbies, work on your passion and live your dreams. Have you ever tried to learn about his passions, interests and dreams? Turn the table around and learn about his inside instincts and discover a totally new side of your father which you had never seen before!

For a change, invite your dad to a coffee. Hanging out with friends is always on your plate. This one time invite your special man for coffee and see how “A lot can happen over coffee!” Share your life happenings, secrets and other smallest of thoughts that you always wanted to, and see how special a memory you create with your Dad.

Break the barriers, bond with him! Become his best friend! Do not shy away to talk, he has been through teenage too!

The personality that your Father holds today is the result of over 38 odd years that he has lived his life. He has immense experiences, knowledge and wisdom to share for over a lifetime with you! You will never realise how impactful and interesting it is to listen to your dad talking about his life experiences. It will be a conversation you will never forget and cherish forever!