Simple Tips For Everyday Activities During A Fracture

tips for faster fracture healing

Everyday Activity While Having A Fracture.

Tips for daily activities

Home: make it a safer place
  • Rearrange the furniture, making a wider path for easy movements through each room.
  • Keep away the clothes, shoes, or anything on the floor that you can trip over.
  • Install bright lights at all entries or hallways and night lights in areas you need to access after dark.
  • Install handrails or grab bars on both sides of the staircase as well as in the washroom and shower, especially if you are living alone.
  • If you are staying alone, keep your mobile phone nearby in order to reach for help during emergencies
Daily Tasks: make them simpler Since you have a fracture, you may need to be cautious while making movements till the fracture heals completely. In case you happen to suffer from a spine fracture, you need to keep your back straight, till it heals. Cooking
  • Take help of relatives or friends for stocking up groceries or use online portals that deliver groceries at your door step
  • Preferably buy pre-cut and pre-washed veggies to avoid unnecessary physical exertion
  • For cooking, use a high chair with back support and place it near the cooking platform
  • Keep groceries and other accessories nearby or on the cooking platform to avoid excessive movements
  • Keep the dishes and cooking pots near the platform within reach
  • Try and slide the dishes along the platform instead of lifting them
Bathing and using Washrooms
  • Place a non-slippery mat in the washrooms and bathroom
  • Floor mats with rubber backing should be used to avoid slippage
  • Use a long-handled sponge for bathing and cleaning areas with far reach like feet or back
  • Use a elevated toilet seat for easy accessibility
  • Use a bath chair and a hand shower, which makes it easy to sit and bathe
  • Place clothes on hangers instead of stacking them
  • Pull clothes with a stick that hooks into the hanger
  • Prefer loose clothes over a brace or a cast
  • Wear shoes with a long-handled shoe-horn or stick, to avoid bending over
  • Prefer low-heeled or flat shoes to avoid imbalance and fall
  • Go to social events accompanied with friends and family
  • Avoid driving or long distance travel
  • Take help of family members or friends for traveling locally
  • For traveling, select a vehicle that is comfortable and has good suspensions
  • Sit comfortably especially when sitting for long
  • Exercise regularly
  • Exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist, at least during the initial stage
  • Prefer to exercise at the time when pain levels are low
  • If you are able to walk, go out of the house for a walk
  • If walking is not a feasible option, use a wheel chair or sit out on a sturdy chair
Social life and Entertainment
  • Perform meditation and breathing exercises
  • Solve crosswords, Sudoku, or play other board games, read books, play video games, listen to music, watch movies at home
  • Have friends over to spend time
Professional Life
  • If possible, work from home
  • If you have to travel, consider a safe and well maintained vehicle
  • Avoid excessive work stress
  • Move or stretch yourself at regular intervals, even while at work
Even after a fracture, a routine can be easily continued, with extra caution and minor modification in the activities. Apart from routine activities, some specialized exercises are required as per the site of the fracture, as recommended by a physiotherapist. Expert physiotherapists at Care24 can help you personalize an exercise plan based on your preferences, for exercising can be fun too!

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