, Party with care this New Year’s eve!, Care24

Party with care this New Year’s eve!

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In times when the party gets out of hand, there is nothing more valuable than a sober friend who takes care of you, ensuring you are safe at all times. And there’s always that one friend who seems to shoulder this responsibility always. In line with its brand philosophy, Care24 was just that a trustworthy friend who rushed to the spot when you had partied a bit too much.

Keeping its promise of providing medical care to the doorstep, Care 24 kick started the year by going the extra mile and making itself accessible to your favorite party places! Prominent pubs in the Bandra and Lower Parel areas were covered by stationing fully equipped vans in close proximity to them. Pub owners were pre-informed of this service so all one had to do in an emergency was, call us on our hotline number and our vans would be there in no time. These vans contained first aid hangover kits that were given out to people in need. Hundreds of kits distributed and people assisted.

, Party with care this New Year’s eve!, Care24

Needless to say, people were more than happy to find help so close. Wish you all a Happy New Year from all of us at here at Care24. May this year bring you the best in health, wealth and happiness. Be sure to count on us to take care of you this year and in the years to come. Check out our coverage in Hindustan Times : Hinudstan Times