Marriage Counseling: What Really Happens And Does It Help

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If you are planning to go for one, but are confused and not sure what really happens and whether or not it will be of any help, do read on.

How your marriage counseling session works out will depend on the marriage counsellor you choose to visit, but here are 3 things you can definitely expect in the first few sessions.

Lots Of Questions

Be prepared to answer lots of questions related to your marriage, your partner, you, your overall lifestyle, friends, family, career, ambition and more. If you thought that a marriage counseling would only be restricted to discussions about you both, you are mistaken. The counsellor will take into account all sorts of angles, such as your relationship with others, your partner’s friends and social situation, the finances, kids, compatibility, relationship with in-laws and much more. Also, the counsellor will expect you to answer in detail, remembering every little thing that you possibly can come up with for that particular topic. So be prepared for a lengthy discussion.

It Will Get Too Personal

You are going to talk about your most personal and intimate relationship with a stranger, so it is obvious that the meeting will get to a point where it will get very personal, maybe a tad too uncomfortable and personal than you would have anticipated. Sometimes, when you start talking, you may intentionally or unintentionally come up with things about yourself, your partner, or your relationship as a whole that may sound really inappropriate when discussing with someone else. Even though you may feel it’s taking a very personal direction, it may have a positive influence on your marriage.

A Bunch Of Directions

If you are the type of person who does not like listening to others or taking directions from others when it comes to personal matters, get ready to face just that. The marriage counsellor will listen to you and your partner, and come up with a bunch of instructions that can help work in favor of the marriage. From talking to your partner to doing certain things together to changing certain behavior to other instructions, there will be a lot of things and activities that your marriage counsellor will expect you to try out sincerely.

It is true that not all couples who visit a marriage counsellor benefit from the session, but here are a few ways in which it can help you:

  1. Allow you and your partner to vent out emotions that either of you found it difficult to express till now
  2. Open up to each other and understand each other better
  3. Learn about your own mistakes and shortcomings and see how to best work on them
  4. Understand how to resolve issues as a couple
  5. Learn to appreciate your partner for what they are, rather than only criticize them for what they did or did not do in the relationship
  6. Help you come out with your deepest secrets or fears related to the relationship
  7. Help you identify what you are really looking for in the relationship and what you are doing to help fulfill your partner’s desires or needs
  8. Improve emotional and physical compatibility
  9. Look at the positive as well as negative side of your relationship
  10. Help you work together as a team rather than just as an individual
  11. Help you cope with loss in case you choose to not remain a couple

A marriage counseling session is not a guarantee that a marriage will work out, but it is surely worth taking a chance. While it can and does help a lot of couples whose relationship hits the lowest point, the end result will depend on you and your partner.

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