Juvenile Arthritis-Can Young People Have Arthritis

Can Young People Have Arthritis?

One of the most common misconceptions about arthritis is that most people think that arthritis is an older adult’s disease. People believe that it is the consequence of aging, but that’s not the case.

Discovering you have juvenile arthritis when you are a young adult can be confusing and scary. You may start having questions about why arthritis when I am so young? Can young people have arthritis? Are the elderly the ones to be affected by arthritis? Perhaps, the only people you have known with arthritis are your grandparents and other elderly. But, there are different types of arthritis, any of which can affect people of any age group, even children and teenagers. Arthritis in young adults is present. So how do you manage arthritis at a young age? The following are some ways that can help you manage your juvenile arthritis.

Stay connected with People.

An active social life and fulfilling close relationships is an integral part of life. But, beginning and maintaining these relationships can be challenging, particularly as a young adult with a chronic disease such as arthritis. A study has shown that trusted relationships can help you cope with the daily difficulties of arthritis. If you are experiencing strong emotions such as loneliness, stress, depression, or anxiety, it is vital to seek help from a doctor or a psychologist.

Active Lifestyle

Physical exercise is vital for everybody, and we all should have a healthy habit of exercising. A study has shown that daily exercise is one of the most effective methods to treat arthritis. It can strengthen the muscles of your affected joints, increase movement, flexibility, and help reduce pain.

The solution is to find out which exercises are best for you. Your doctor or rheumatologist can help you with the exercises. You may also consult a physiotherapist or an experienced personal trainer to help create a customized exercise program for your particular requirements.

Eating Healthy & Balanced Diet.

Healthy and Balanced diet is the one recommended for young people with juvenile arthritis. A balanced diet helps to support your general fitness and wellbeing. But no diet has cured arthritis. But, the good part is that researchers have recognized certain foods that can help with inflammation. Many of the foods that control inflammation are part of the Mediterranean diet, which is full of fish, vegetables, and olive oil. Studies suggest that eating foods rich in omega-3, including oily fish such as sardines and salmon, ground linseeds, and walnuts, can help with inflammation. Having a healthy weight is also crucial as excess body weight increases the pressure on joints, especially on the hips and knees. Keep in mind that eating healthy is one way you can take care of your arthritis. However, a healthy diet is not a replacement for taking medicines to control your arthritis.

Education and training

Attempting to fit in studies and exercise while managing your juvenile arthritis and the rest of your life can be a little challenging to handle. However, with the right help and plan, it can be easier to manage.

It all depends on what you study; there may be some options that make it easier for you to manage.

Study load– If you are getting tired quickly, you could consider studying part-time.

Online study– Several colleges and educational institutions offer online courses and other options, which means you don’t always have to attend the classes on campus. Such options are useful if you find it easier to study from home.

Accommodation– If you are attending long days of classes and a long commute, you can consider the option of living on campus.

Employment Opportunities

Arthritis at a young age, it might be challenging to work in your current job, or you are always worried about finding new work because of your arthritis. The good news is that remedies for arthritis have significantly developed, and, now, more people with arthritis can keep working despite their condition. Approximately 50% of people with rheumatoid arthritis continue to work for twenty years. Staying in the workforce may need anything from a little assistance, but there are many services available to help you.

Travel Planning

If you think hitting the road on a whim can be very difficult if you have arthritis. Don’t worry! With careful planning, you can have the trip of a lifetime. You will need to plan things like medicines, travel insurance, and how to pace yourself during long travels.

You are a young adult, and nothing can stop you from having things that you dream, not even juvenile arthritis. So don’t stress out. Just have the will, and you will find a way to accept the challenge.

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