Indian Superfoods and their Benefits

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Amla, globally known as Indian gooseberry has been proven a miracle food since decades. Its results cannot be over ruled. It is high in antioxidant & amplifies the immune power. Being the source of vitamins, it rewards you with lustrous hair & great skin. It is also recognized for its anti ageing property. Two amlas are sufficient to keep you fit.


Locally known as Also, this desi alternative to Mexico’s native chia seeds boasts of higher concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids & mono unsaturated fatty acids, making it heart friendly superfood! Besides being a source of healthy fat, flax seeds are rich source of micronutrients such as antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitaminB1, Manganese & essential fatty acid-Alpha linolenic acid, better known as omega3. These nutrients rich seeds can be consumed as part of salads, smoothies bakes items & so on.


Betel leaf, also commonly called as paan ka patta in India. It is packed with fiber, vitamins & vitamin A (beta carotene) & minerals like calcium, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin & iron. It helps to detoxify & cleanse your system with aiding in digestion. It reduces bad breath, cures ulcers, and gives relief from cough as well as abdominal pain & cramps.


One of the cheapest spices available in India, turmeric is supposed to have antiseptic & medicinal properties. It is also said to enhance the metabolic system & aid in liver problems. It lowers risk of heart disease also helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease, improves brain functions& has natural anti inflammatory compound.


Fresh green spinach leaves are not only a delicious addition to soups & curries, they are also loaded with nutritional goodness! Is one of the richest sources of dietary potassium & magnesium. Both these minerals are essential for metabolic activity in the body, maintenance of muscular & nervous health, fostering heart health, ensuring immune system responsiveness & maintaining blood pressure.


This super food prevents skin diseases & reduces acne & excess oil by detoxifying the skin with the help of sulfur present in it. Its excellent remedy for weight loss & keeps headache at par. Along with these it regulates blood sugar level & hinders the cancer tissues growth.

Although not commanding as much popularity as their global counterparts, Indian super foods are packed with nutrition & therefore incorporating them into your daily diet is a prudent step towards a healthier life.


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