How to eat mindfully in a restaurant?

Here is the list of some easy life hacks to make eating out a healthy and pleasurable event.

1.Pick the restaurant wisely

Eat Mindfully

Make judicious choices when it comes to eating out. Pick a restaurant that has a sit-down and eat facility. Do not opt for fast food joints or quick grabs.Choose restaurants with salad bars and made to order options.

2. Scan the menu and weigh your options

Food Menu
Have a good look at the menu and decide for yourself.
Scan the various sections of the menu and do not give into quick impulses.Do not read through the high buttery-high calorie snacks, instead get yourself some soup and bread sticks.

3. Know whats good for you and what isn’t

Avoid Junk Food

You have to be a pro at deciding what is good for you and what isn’t. Get your food groups right. Know that you need to go low on the fat to take care of your heart health, increase protein intake to build up more muscle and avoid the sugar for empty calories.

4. Ask details about what you are about to order

Eat vegetables

Get to know what goes into your meal and get it tailor made to suit your needs. Inquire about the dressing that goes into the salad, switch the fries or chips with sautee vegetables or pickled vegetables and make some smart choices to shave extra calories.

5. Cut down on sugary and fizzy drinks

Avoid Sugar Drinks

Sugary fizzy drinks are responsible for that extra calorie intake when you’re eating out. Sip on water if you feel the urge to sip on something.


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