Due Date Anxiety Busters.


Here we have discussed five strategies that can help you deal with stress of the last days of pregnancy without completely going crazy.

It always better to train your mind into thinking that your baby will come later than the due date rather than before it. This way, you will mentally be in a better place and not have any unrealistic expectations

Whenever someone asks when the baby is due, try to give them a time frame that is slightly later than your actual date of delivery. This constant repetition will prepare you mentally for a longer pregnancy, and help you combat the stress and discomfort associated with it.

Instead of wishing for an early delivery, try to fill your last days of pregnancy with a lot of fun and activities. This is a very special time in your life. You must make it a point to enjoy each and every moment of it; good or bad. Try to catch up, as much as possible, with friends and family. Fill up your days with rest and relaxation activities. Pamper yourself with little treats. Try to spend quality time with your spouse. Once your baby comes, trust me, you will hardly have any time for yourself, let alone others.

I won’t be pregnant forever. This is a tried and trusted mantra. It has the potential of helping you realize that the aches and pains of these lasts days are just temporary, and you will soon be back to normal. This can help you develop a more positive frame of mind and alleviate your mood. Some other great mantras are “My baby knows when to be born” or “This shall too pass”.

Positive birth stories, helpful advice, and meaningful time with friends and family äóñ all of these will make the last days of pregnancy more tolerable and even sometimes fun for you.

Remember, pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. You must embrace all the experiences it has to offer; good or bad, wholeheartedly and enjoy each moment to the fullest!

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