Diwali 101 – Enjoy Sweets Without Piling On Kilos

1. Eat Smart

There’s this saying – To get something, you have to let go of something else. We know you want to enjoy Diwali but at the same time it is important to count calories and cut down on unwanted ones such as:

  • Avoid tea or coffee with sugar
  • Reduce the portions of rice
  • Have one chapatti instead of the usual two

2. Digest your food well

Good digestion is as important as work out for weight control. Some sitting positions are extremely helpful in digestion and preventing it from converting into fat.

  • Sit in Vajrasana for a few minutes after a heavy meal
  • You can also try Kapal Bharti pranayama, on an empty stomach, for effective digestion and weight control

3. Pick healthier sweets

Don’t be to hard on yourself and skip sweets altogether. Instead, do this-

  • Opt for fruit-based sweets
  • Prefer milk based sweets such as kheer, phirni, srikhand compared to the deep-fried ones
  • Nut-based sweets such as date-walnut rolls are also good options
  • Opt for baked sweets rather than deep-fried ones

4. Don’t go out on an empty stomach

Always eat a snack before going out, as we tend to gorge on unwanted calories if you step out on an empty stomach. Snack options can include:

  • Boiled corn
  • Garden salad
  • Bowl of fresh fruits
  • Vegetable soup
  • Sprouts
  • Handful of nuts
  • Whole wheat bread sandwich

5. Don’t stock up on sweets

Yes, we mean do not save them for later consumption. Give them away to the needy the day you receive them. There are many who wont even get to see half as many sweets as you do. The overflow of countless sweets in your refrigerator and slowly munching on them adds up to the extra calories. Distribute the sweets to orphaned children or underprivileged families. This will not only humble you and bring a smile on your face, but importantly, it will keep away the inches from your waistline.

6. Opt for smaller portions

Moderation is the key! Know how much you are capable of eating. Stuffing yourself will only make you full and fatigued. Eat everything but in small quantities. Opt for halves or quarter-sized portions of sweets. This will keep you from overindulging while you can still satisfy your sweet tooth.

7. Change the party idea

Dancing is a great way of burning those calories. But you can take a different approach before you hit the dance floor. Gather all your friends and family, and meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then continue with the party and see the difference!

8. Drink up and take a few steps

Drink as much water as you can. This will help settle the oily, fatty food you might have eaten and help in easy digestion. Drinking warm lemon water or lemon tea is also a good idea to detoxify your system, improve digestion and prevent the fat from accumulating.

Give yoga some time in the morning right after waking up. It is extremely important to keep burning calories to enjoy the festive season. Suryanamaskar, pranayama, and dhanurasana poses along with a few minutes of meditation go a long way. Yoga gives you a complete body workout helping you in the long run.

10. Substitute sugar with jaggery

Try making your own sweets at home and substitute the sugar with jaggery. Other natural sweeteners such as dates can also be use to prepared sweet instead of using refined sugar. They will also add flavor.

With these pointers you will definitely have a happier and healthier Diwali! Enjoy the festive season without worrying about the weighing scale anymore!

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Please share your details and
we will get back to you with in a 5 mins


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