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Day to Day Mental Health

Yes you have obligations, yes you have responsibilities and yes you constantly have to prove yourself. But wait for a second! Breathe and understand, what is it that is making you uneasy. What is taking away your mental peace and get rid of those factors. Make yourself a priority!

After all if you are happy only then can you make people around you happy and cherish this life.

Mental disorders are just one aspect of the whole pyramid of Mental health. Your everyday mental health is just as necessary to be taken care of. You need to be positive, charismatic and more importantly have a correct attitude towards life.

Factors affecting Everyday Mental Health


, Day to Day Mental Health, Care24

The body’s response to demands and threat is Stress. It results in release of stress hormones like cortisol, heart beat increases, blood pressure rises, breath quickens and senses become sharper. A light amount of stress is good, it increases your productivity and improves your performance. But prolonged stress has drastic impact on the body. Stress overload can result in poor judgement, loss in concentration, constant worrying and agitation. It can lead to depression.

Physical Health

, Day to Day Mental Health, Care24

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body! Physical health plays a pivotal role in day to day mental health of a person. Deteriorated physical health can result in an agitated state of mind and can reduce functioning. So take care of your body to the chore understanding your nutritional, exercise and relaxation needs. Eat proper, Sleep proper, Exercise proper and Live long!

Financial Factors

, Day to Day Mental Health, Care24

Financial stress can be one of the factors which bothers a person. Be it future concerns, borrowed or lent money, increased financial responsibility or other related issues. Most of the times, these are the issues specifically people hold inside for a long time and don’t share. While seeking correct advice at a right time can actually solve these problems.

Work Issues

, Day to Day Mental Health, Care24

The list of issues leading to stress and irritation at work are long. Huge work load, work politics, not liking the field of work that you are in right now, unable to understand the complex skill sets, deadly timelines, promotion, not fitting into the culture and more. Handling these can be a pain. The only way to deal with these is developing a correct attitude towards it.


, Day to Day Mental Health, Care24

Another area from where the stress and anxiety creeps in is due to the stress in relationships. Today’s world witnesses thousands of complications in relationships, which could not be thought of in the past. Lack of trust, unworthy intentions, multiple relationships, betrayal or just growing apart over the time. These lead people to take extreme steps. The recent example is of Pratyusha Banerjee who committed suicide due to these problems. Another example is of Jiah Khan.

Peer pressure, Unrealistic Expectations and Family Problems

, Day to Day Mental Health, Care24

Peer pressure and unrealistic expectations are problems generally faced by teenagers. While in high school, college or early work years, youth faces peer pressure to fit into the culture, go with the flow and cope with the newly emerging trends. They find it difficult to resist bad habits like smoking, drinking and drugs, as others around them are doing it. Moreover, Unrealistic academic and career expectations from family add up to the pressure. Sometimes problems in the family also lead to building of stress.