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Benefits of Physiotherapy for working professionals – Part I

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Do you know someone suffering from clinical stress or spondylitis? Or for that matter, someone at your workplace or a friend who is always in some form of body pain? If you nodded yes, it’s time for you to read on.

Professionals Who Can Benefit From Physiotherapy

While our lifestyles are now more comfortably settled in air-conditioned rooms in front of screens, the so-called comfort is somehow impacting our health. Physiotherapy can be a perfect cure for those professionals who:

  • Have been suffering from any form of body pain and have been in the corporate sector for over a decade.
  • Young professionals who are joining the corporate world and want to avoid such health issues in the future.

How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Here are a few ways in which you can benefit from physiotherapy, especially if you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer:

1. Regular Sessions With Physiotherapist

, Benefits of Physiotherapy for working professionals – Part I, Care24

Going for a specialized session with a trained physiotherapist is a good way to relieve the pain. The physiotherapist will assess the nature and extent of your problem and suggest sessions that include massage therapy, exercises and the use of technology such as ultrasound and laser, as required.

2. Routine Exercises To Prevent Neck And Back Pain

, Benefits of Physiotherapy for working professionals – Part I, Care24

A physiotherapist can also suggest some day to day exercise routines such as Pilates, squats, sprints, dead lifts, neck rotations, jumping jacks, hip rotations and more, that will reduce and prevent pain.

3. Yoga And Zumba For Clinical Stress


Clinical stress and hypertension are often caused by a sedentary lifestyle and long working hours. Yoga and Zumba sessions can help treat the same by releasing positive hormones and uplifting your mood, and also improve your emotional well-being.

4. Treating Vertigo With Vestibular Rehabilitation

, Benefits of Physiotherapy for working professionals – Part I, Care24

Vertigo is a type of inner ear problem that causes a spinning and nauseous sensation. It especially affects those who are in the software industry. Vestibular rehabilitation is a form of treatment that can help the same. It is a type of physiotherapy that helps to strengthen the vestibular system. This in turn sends signals to the brain about the head and body movements that are relative to gravity.

5. Treating Migraine With Massage Therapy

, Benefits of Physiotherapy for working professionals – Part I, Care24

Both physiotherapy and massage therapy can effectively help to treat migraine. More than 50 percent corporate employees suffer from migraine, and using these two techniques can be a big help.