Basic Duties & Responsibilities Of a Home Health Nurse

Nurse Dsuties & Responsibilities

A nurse is as critical as a doctor, as, after the doctor, a nurse is the one who plays an essential role in taking care of the patient. She/He follows the doctor’s instructions; they manage the adherence of patients as they need intense care and take care of the do’s and don’ts of them. Previously, nursing was not considered to be the first opt job. In recent years nursing is a profession that is demandable and requires a lot of dedication towards their patients.

The role of a nurse includes maintaining reports of the patient about their health, also if there is any recovery so that the treatment can be changed or continued accordingly. Most people do not understand the importance of a nurse. So they think they assist the doctors, but properly take care of the patient considering the medical help is very crucial. To show them the importance and guide these people, we will explain the roles and responsibilities of a nurse.

What are the responsibilities of a nurse?

At home, aftercare is essential for the patient. The treatment post-hospital discharge goes on even after the patient is discharged. The nurse mainly focuses on helping the patients meet their needs and provide them emotional, social, cognitive, and physical support. Nurses facilitate optimal patient wellness, health, and functioning in the care of communities, individuals, families, etc.

Nurses play multiple roles in healthcare at home, depending on the unique needs of the patient from time to time.

(i) Communicate with patients:

In hospitals, lots of people visit a day either from the village or city. Uneducated people required more consultation care as compared to educated ones because they are unaware of the guidelines and take care. The communication should be competent enough to improve the outcomes in the healthcare environment. One of the home health nurse responsibilities is to communicate with the patient and clear their doubt because if the communication is not active, the healing process will take time.

(ii) Take care of the Patient’s Safety:

Nurses play a vital role in it. After the doctor visits or diagnoses, a nurse has to prevent errors. She takes care of the patient in terms of receiving the correct therapy and treatment. In the case of fall or skin breakdowns, home health nurse responsibilities are to provide proper first aids. As per the patient’s condition, he/she will be discharged. Accordingly, nurses are more likely to recognize inefficiencies and recommend a change if necessary.

(iii) Caregiver:

Nurses take care of their patients in hospitals like a mother takes care of their children. The attention afforded depends on the needs & requirements of a patient. The care delivered to a patient depends on the stage of illness as if someone has cancer requires more attention than if a person suffers from normal fever. Hence there is a lot of importance for nursing care.

(iv) Being a Teacher :

Nurses teach patients how to take care of their health and medications. If the patient is c confused about specific procedures & steps, the nurse clears all doubts like a teacher. Her main task is to convince the patient to take care of themselves because if he/she takes care of themselves then they can recover very quickly. The role of the nurse in inpatient care is to deliver 100% patient satisfaction.

(v) Patient Advocate:

A patient advocate’s role is one of the most important in nursing. The main objective is to ensure the care provided is affordable and sufficient. Also, it allows her to take care of patient’s rights. When the patient is not well, the nurse must determine the exact needs of the patient.

These are the primary duties and responsibilities of a home nurse. Being a home nurse is challenging, as they have more things to tend to than just treating the patient. Make sure to appoint a nurse who is good at her job. Some services offer a home nurse who is qualified to take care of your loved one.

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