A safe and healthy life after lock down

A safe and healthy life after lockdown

A safe and healthy life after lockdown

Many are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to come to an end completely. There are many places where the lockdown is relaxed now, so many of us are thrilled to meet our friends, going out to shopping malls, or just going out to do our routine errands. But life after lockdown won’t be as easy as you may think. Taking precautionary measures for being safe is vital for your health. You should be careful and take care of your health, as the risk of catching COVID-19 infection is always present.

The number of asymptomatic COVID patient cases is pretty high; you might never know who is infected with it. So after the lockdown, you must continue to practice social distancing and avoid activities that involve a large number of people like big parties, big dinners, or family functions. It will help if you protect yourself and your family by avoiding such events and gatherings.

Office Discipline: If you have resumed going back to the office, make sure that you are taking all the necessary care while you commute to your office, especially if you are using public transportation. Adhere to all the COVID-19 precautions and policies that your company has chosen to follow.

Office discipline is something that needs to be followed during such times. It is making sure that you follow the safety and care policy. Maintaining social distancing with your colleagues according to the norms is also a must. Office discipline will be even more critical during pandemic times. Maintaining respiratory hygiene is essential, especially in the office, so make sure that you cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing with a tissue paper, or you can cough and sneeze in the fold of your arm.

Self-discipline: Self-discipline is also crucial during pandemic times. Wearing masks, washing hands at regular intervals, and maintaining social distancing has now become “the new essentials.” So maintaining self-discipline will be truly helpful after lockdown. Self-discipline does not only imply when you are outside in public but also when you are at home. Many must have gotten into the habit of watching late-night movies, binge-watching series till dawn, playing games, and more. These activities must have made your sleep schedule irregular. Irregular sleep schedule is not suitable for health and can lead to multiple problems once you start going back to your routine. You must begin limiting your late-night activities of watching movies and series or playing games and regularizing your sleep schedule as it will be helpful once the lockdown is over.

Self-care: Self-care is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. During the past few months, many might have sacrificed our self-care due to always being at home. But now, once the lockdowns are down, you must prioritize self-care. Example: Exercising like going on walks or jogging can be done as the lockdown relaxes, so make sure to do so as exercising is a significant part of self-care. Meditation or Yoga is also another method you can use for self-care.

Mental health:  Caring for your mental health post lockdown is equally essential. The fear of a new normal can be daunting at first and stressful as well. During such stressful conditions, it is vital to stay positive and look after your mental health. Talk with someone about the stress and fears than keeping them to yourself. If you have gotten into the habit of meditating, then you must follow through post lockdown.

Life after lockdown will not be easy. It’s like going on an extended vacation and then going back to work again. It can be challenging to go back to your routine. With things changed, it can be even more stressful, so the only way to do it is to take it slow. Don’t overwhelm yourself with things immediately. Take time and pace your life well with the things that need to be done. Nothing is wrong with a slower-paced life than to put yourself at risk. This will create less stress and a more organized way of handling new situations.

Don’t forget that the virus is still very much present, and we have no definitive evidence as to when it will disappear, so we have to be even more careful and mindful of the things after lockdown. Just be positive and take care.

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