A Guide To Prevent Wrist Pain

A Guide To Prevent Wrist Pain

Your hands perform so many tasks in a daily routine. Be it the workout, daily chores, office work, or anything hands are in use for maximum hours. These repetitive actions could create weakness and stiffness in your wrist and eventually give pain if not taken care of. Practicing simple exercises recommended by the therapist can help in strengthening your hands and also make it flexible enough. Wrist exercises can prevent the risk of injury. There are times when you hold some weight, and your wrist gets twisted. It can eventually turn into significant pain or fracture at times if your bones are weak. Also, wrist pain is caused by sprains from sudden injuries, which later in life results in long term problems. Repetitive stress, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome are few of them. Hence, as we say, prevention is better than cure. Here are a few guidelines to prevent wrist joint pain and save you from any significant injury.

Get an accurate diagnosis.

Accurate diagnosis is crucial for proper healing when one is going through wrist pain. Because for once, you stop the medication and therapy if you feel fine, and later on, it occurs more problems if the course is not completed. Not all wrist joint pains need to require medication or physiotherapy; minor sprains and strains usually respond to ice and rest as well. But if pain and swelling still don’t get cured, recommended by the doctor.

Some essential tips can prevent wrist pain.

Starting with bone strength, taking doses of calcium because of the weakness is one of prevention. Often, the muscles and bones weakness leads to significant pain and injury even if the accident is minor. Taking calcium tablets can make the bones stronger and help in fighting the illness simultaneously. In Mumbai, people usually do not have time to eat, so eating proper nutrients that have calcium and iron is way far. Hence, these tablets help them to keep the nutrient value in the body equal. Women are supposed to take a higher dose since the amount of daily work and other chores are done majorly by them.

Other prevention is taking proper breaks at work time. If you are someone who works on the keyboard at office and home for long hours, taking breaks in every hour is highly recommended. Your wrist should be in a relaxed and neutral position even when you are working. Because keeping the wrist in the same place for a long time can cause stiffness and eventually lead to pain. The ergonomic keyboard can be used instead of the normal one, and gel wrist support can also help not to strain your wrist much.

Prevent Falls

Prevent from falls intentionally or unintentionally is yet another prevention you can take care of. While falling onto an outstretched hand, there is a possibility of a significant wrist injury to have occurred. Not joking with friends and letting them push you is one of the things to help yourself. Wearing the right shoes is also an essential thing because there are various types of shoes available in the market. The one which has a grip and not slippery while you walk or climb down the stairs is commendable. Light up your living space so that you do not fall often. Put up the bars and supports in the bathroom to get up and walk; so that there are fewer chances of you slipping on the soapy washrooms.

Take special care if you are a sportsperson.

A sportsperson has to take the most while playing their favorite sport such as badminton, squash, football, snowboarding, and others. Wearing all the safety gear and risk guards for high-risk activities is necessary since you have no clue what is going to happen next. When you are so much involved in the sport, you do not even realize how hard you will be playing and can get injured anytime. Prevention by all the means when you play it personally and professionally is obligatory.

Wrist Strengthening Exercise

There are other wrist strengthening exercises; carrying the weight will help improve your overall grip strength and muscular endurance. If there is any pain, one should avoid doing stretches as it can strain the wrist much more. Once you are ready for the exercises, make sure that you look after the safety measures. Wrapping your wrists with athletic tape or wrist strap can help in preventing you from the injury. Muscles that control the wrist are present in the forearm. So strengthening them is equally important. Apart from all of it, attention to the posture while sitting in the chair and avoiding back strain also helps in curing the wrist joint pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens due to compression of the nerves in the wrist and hand. A small opening in the wrist through which tissue, nerves, and tendon pass to control the movements. Once you have damaged the median nerve, it takes a long time to heal. Faster, respond to pain, and appropriate measures if received quickly can make the situation of less worry. A wrist brace can reduce the inflammation with a counter aid received.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is yet another disorder when the body’s immune system attacks its tissues and generally involves the wrist. And if one wrist is affected, another gets affected simultaneously. Because of the wrist pain, there is repetitive stress occurred primarily when you work without taking regular breaks. If you don’t take regular intervals, a person is frustrated and irritated. Hence, the strain is caused in the back. Eventually, wrist bone pain comes into the picture, and the injury may increase with time if ignored.

Because of the food and other prevention not taken nowadays, the wrist conditions are worsening. Sports participation and doing workout can help regularly strengthen the wrists and make your body flexible. Wrist bone pain can happen to anybody, whether you are active or inactive. Yoga and natural therapy could be done at least once or twice a week so that all the organs in your body are free and work smoothly.

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