6 Easy Exercises to Reduce Wrist Pain

We have identified six easy exercises that can be done to minimize wrist pain without any equipment. Try and hold each position for 5-10 seconds, repeat each exercise at least 10 times, and try exercising these three times a day.

Flexing means bending and extending means stretching. This exercise involves contracting or tensing your muscle and then relaxing it. On the edge of a table, place a rolled up towel. Then, place your wrist on the towel with your palm facing down. Note that your hand should be hanging off the edge of the table. First, gently move your hand up until you feel a slight stretch. Now, return to the original position slowly. Repeat the same movement with your palm facing up this time. Do this exercise with your both hands.

In simple words, ulnar deviation means moving your wrist to the side of the little finger and radial deviation means moving your wrist to the side of your thumb. To practice these movements, place a rolled up towel on a table to support your forearm. You could also use the support of your knee instead. Let your hand stay at a 90-degree angle. Move the wrist side to side as far as you can without experiencing strain.

Supination essentially means the movement of rotating the arm in a way that your palm faces up, while pronation means the exact opposite, i.e., having your palm face down. This exercise can be done either while sitting or standing. Let your arms rest by your side with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Your palms should be facing down. Rotate your forearm so that your palm alternates between facing up and facing down.

This is just as fun to do as it sounds. You can do it while standing or sitting. Begin by extending your arms. Bend your elbows inwards and rest the back of your palms under your armpits, making the wings of the chicken. Make sure that your palms are facing outside with fingers facing down towards the floor. Slowly, lift your chest upwards. As you do so, you will notice that your hands are stretching out. Hold this position for around 20 to 30 seconds and then release breath.

This is another fun pose inspired by an animal. For this, stand straight while maintaining a hip distance between your feet. Slowly, kneel forward and bend your knees as much as you need to, so as to be able to touch the grounds with your palms. Lift your toes a little and gently slide your palms under your feet. Your palms will be facing the soles of your feet, and your fingers will point in the direction of your feet. This way, your toes will massage your wrist.

Let us look at the Wrist Extensor Stretch. Have your arm stretched out with your palm facing up. Now, pull that hand downwards with your other hand. You will experience a mild stretch. Alternate this with both your hands. In case of Wrist Extensor Stretch, keep your hand stretched out with your elbow straight. Your palm should be facing away from your face and kept at a 90-degree angle to your hand. Hold your palm with another hand and stretch it backward. You should feel a mild to moderate stretch. Now, repeat with other wrist as well.

In case of feeling any pain or numbness while doing any of these exercises, please consult your GP or a physiotherapist.

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Please share your details and
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