5 Ways To Prevent Overeating This New Yearäó»s Night

It is true that when we are at a party, we inevitably end up eating more than we otherwise do. Even before we realize it, we already end up stuffing ourselves.

Not only is it bad for overall weight, but overeating can lead to various health issues such as obesity, heart disease and even type 2 diabetes. As someone who overcame a huge weight battle, losing 28 kgs. within 2 years and maintaining it at that with just basic smart eating tips, here are some effective tips to prevent overeating, and maintain your weight as well as health.

5 Easy Ways To Avoid Overeating

empty white plate

The quarter plate that you see at the side of your main plate is your best friend while eating out (or even at home parties!). This is a very simple principle based around the concept of the more you see the more you eat. When you have a bigger plate, you have more space to fill it with food, and tend to add more food items without realizing. Using a small plate means you will be careful about your portions and will not unnecessarily pile on food.

drinking water

Water helps your body regenerate cells and stock up on important nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, sodium, selenium and more. When you sip on water, you’re not just sipping on water, you’re also helping your body stay hydrated and stay in good health. Also, sipping slowly on water will make you feel full and eat in moderation, instead of overeating. If you are having alcohol, it will minimize the effects and prevent a hangover too.

eat healthy

Make it a rule to always eat at home before the party begins, or before you head out to enjoy and eat. Also, make sure that the food you are eating at home is prepared at home and is fresh, so that you don’t end up eating a quick snack that is actually junk food. When you eat before the party, your stomach is already somewhat full and you won’t be tempted into eating what you don’t really need to.

chewing fruit

We all know the importance of eating slowly and chewing our food properly. When you chew your food slowly, it helps to break down the food properly and enables your body to make use of all the nutrients in the food. Instead of just focusing on the food on the plate, stand with a friend and keep chatting, even as you slowly keep chewing. When you concentrate on something else while eating, your mind will take more time to process both the tasks and help you eat slower instead of gobbling up.

stand at party

Instead of sitting down and eating, stand up and hold your plate in your hand as you eat. Also, if you are carrying a phone, try holding it in one hand and eating, as you stand. Step away from the table where the food is laid, so that you don’t get tempted to reach out for more.

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