5 Tips That Help Prevent Arthritis

Adding a few changes in your daily routine can help prevent or delay the onset of arthritis and help minimize the pain, while easing you back in your daily schedule.
Do remember that there is no guaranteed way to prevent arthritis, but taking the right steps can definitely help delay, and reduce the pain.

Prevent Arthritis Early

The first thing to remember here is that arthritis is not just a condition that affects you in middle age. So, to make sure that you can prevent its onset at any given point of time, make sure you start taking the necessary precautions as soon as you can, no matter how young you are.

Reduce Weight to prevent arthritis

One of the biggest causes of arthritis is overweight. When you have excess weight on your body, it puts undue stress on your joints, as a result of which they suffer wear and tear easily. Implement simple and effective tips in your daily schedule that will help you reduce weight. Eat a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, sleep for at least six to eight hours, and add some form of exercise to your everyday routine.

Avoid Risk of arthritis

Whether you are a woman who loves wearing heels, or a man who loves wearing those tight pointed shoes, certain types of footwear can increase your risk of developing arthritis. Instead of wearing these on a regular basis, reserve them for special occasions and go for more comfortable shoes for daily wear.

Get enough sun

When you have enough levels of vitamin D in your body, it will help delay the arrival of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. Try getting out in the sun when it is not at its peak, such as in the morning and later part of the afternoon. Also, check with your doctor to see if you require vitamin D supplements.

Staying hydrated avoid arthritis

Staying hydrated can also keep arthritis at bay. Water is a big part of the cartilage in your joints, and helps prevent direct injury to the same. When you do not have enough fluids, the water from your cartilage will get sucked out and will make your joints more prone to wear and tear.

Women stand a higher risk of suffering from arthritis, and it is important to take the right preventive measures as soon as you can. Instead of waiting for the warning signs to come up, speak to your doctor and start implementing these effective preventive methods in your daily routine!

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