5 Things to Know in Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

You are expecting!

The medical practitioners will provide you with more than enough information about the biological side of pregnancy. Here let’s discuss the not so common, but important things that you must know during the first term of your pregnancy.

Jess just discovered that she is pregnant. But instead of feeling on top of the world, she feels kind of ambivalent. Trust me! This feeling of uncertainty is as normal as it gets. Your body in undergoing huge hormonal changes to prepare you for child birth. You will be assailed with fatigue, nausea and anxiety. In addition, there is the added scare of miscarriage during the first term. So don’t stress out and give yourself time to get used to the idea of becoming a mom.

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Pregnancy is a very intimate experience of a mother. While it is natural to go ahead with your family’s recommended doctor, you must remember that this is your unique journey and you have the right to choose. The one person, other than your spouse, who will hand-hold you throughout and after pregnancy is your OB. So make sure you find a care giver whom you trust and are comfortable with. Professional qualification alone will do no good, if you look upon every appointment as a nightmare.

As weird as it may sound, your physician will actually be happy when you are constantly throwing up. Researchers believe that nausea is an indication of healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness reveals the presence of healthy hormones that support embryo development and are said to lower the risk of miscarriage. So next time you retch, don’t fret. Be glad, as you are on the right track!


First trimester, marked with morning sickness and fatigue, might not be the best time to think of a healthy diet, but don’t let it discourage you. It is never too late to find out what vitamin and mineral combinations are needed for healthy pregnancy. Learn about it as much as you can and incorporate it in your diet right from the very beginning.

Though there won’t be too many outward changes in your body just yet, but you might feel tired and lethargic. Respect the need to rest and take it easy for a while. Trust me! Your body needs it.

Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, good or bad, as it definitely is a once in a lifetime experience

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