5 Home Remedies For Diwali: Managing Burns

A minor burn will damage the uppermost layer of your skin, and make the skin look red and feel painful to touch. In most cases, the burn area will heal within a few days or weeks. In case of a major burn, make sure to visit the nearest medical facility without any delay.

If it is a very minor burn, cool the area with some running water and pat it dry very gently. Use a paper towel to avoid any accidental rubbing and injury. Now take some mint toothpaste and apply a layer over the burn area.

Mint contains antiseptic properties as well as helps to soothe pain.

First clean the area and cool it under running water. Gently pat it dry. Now soak a couple of black tea bags in water and take it out when they are completely wet. Place them on the burn area and keep them in place by winding a gauze or big handkerchief around it.

The tannic acid found in black tea helps to extract the heat from a burn area, thus helping it cool down and reduce pain.

After you have cleaned the wound area and cooled it under running water, take some honey and apply it in a layer over the burn. Make sure that you pat it while applying, instead of rubbing it on the wound.

Honey has natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties, which will help prevent any infection from starting or spreading. Also, it will help to cool the area and prevent or reduce pain.

The best way to use oats as a burn remedy is to first use the other remedies and let the burn heal a bit. Once the initial healing is taken care of, you can use the oats method. If the wound is small, add a little oats to a cup of water and mix it well. Apply it over the burn area and let the oats dry naturally in air. If the wound is large, soak about a cup of oats in water for 20 minutes. Apply it on the area and let it dry naturally.

The layer of oats will help to reduce the itching sensation that happens when the burn area starts to heal. It will reduce inflammation as well.

Clean the burn area and cool it under running water. Now take a bit of coconut oil on your hand and apply it gently on the burn, in a thin layer. Let it sit for some time till the oil is completely soaked into the skin.

Coconut oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and will help to prevent chances of infection.

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