5 Easy Tips To Prevent Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, there are many symptoms that will start showing up from the very early days, sometimes even before you realize you have conceived. One such symptom that can show up quite early in your pregnancy is lower back pain.

There are lots of factors that contribute to back pain when you are pregnant. However, with some easy tips, you can still prevent the onset of the pain, and also reduce it through your pregnancy months.

  • Pregnancy hormones can loosen the ligaments in your pelvic area. As a result, the joints start getting looser and your back receives lesser support than it normally does.
  • Poor posture and standing or walking for long hours at a stretch can trigger or increase the pain.
  • Feeling stressed or anxious about the pregnancy or birth can also contribute to the physical pain.

5 Tips To Prevent And Reduce Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Try these tips to prevent, or reduce back pain, especially in your first trimester.

One of the first things you can try to avoid back pain is to wear the right type of shoes. Ditch your heels and boots for now, so that your feet get the right kind of support and space. Look for soles that have a good grip and are skid-free. Also, various shoes come with additional padding that can help to cushion the balls of your feet, and prevent back pain too.

Each time you have to pick up something, squat down instead of bending. To do so, lightly bend your knees and lower yourself, without bending your back, as opposed to bending down from the back. When you squat instead of bending, it will make it easier for you to get back up, and put lesser stress on your lower back. As a result, you will avoid back pain.

Acupuncture is a healing method in which a professional therapist inserts needles at various pressure points, to help ease pain. It is mostly useful if you already have pain and want to ease the discomfort with immediate results. However, you have to be careful about choosing the right type of professional, as not doing it correctly can lead to various side effects such as nausea, headache and more. Speak to your doctor and understand if it is fine for you to go ahead with the same.

When you sleep, your body often does not have the right type of support, which again could lead to back pain. There are many types of sleep pillows available which are specifically meant for the pregnancy months. You can go for a full body sleep pillow that will help you sleep on your side, with proper support. The best part about such pillows is that you can also use them later while breastfeeding the baby.

You will no doubt feel tired and slouchy, but try to maintain the right posture as much as you can. If you have to stand or walk for a long stretch at a time, try to take as many small breaks in between as you can, and rest your feet and back. If you are sitting down, make sure you have firm support at the back.

  • You have excessive pain in the back and are not able to sit up, lie down or stand with ease.
  • The pain has lasted for more than 2 weeks with the same intensity, or is worsening.
  • You have fever, along with the pain, or have seen any spotting or burning sensation while urinating.

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