5 Benefits Of Oncology Care At Home

Exercises For Bedridden Patients

Not getting the right amount of care, attention and respect from medical caregivers can often have a lasting effect on cancer patients. However, receiving the same at home through a professional caregiver can bring about various positive changes. Let’s take a look.

  • A trained and experienced nurse will come to the patientäó»s home and take care in an environment that the patient is comfortable in.
  • Family members will have constant access to the treatment and care that is being done at home.
  • The nurse will monitor the patient round the clock and will give live updates to the medical team or family members, as required.
  • The patient will be able to continue with daily tasks and routine, to the best of capacity, while being in comfortable and familiar surroundings.
  • In most cases, the trained nurse can also assist in physiotherapy and other exercise routines that will help the patient recover faster.
  • Will provide you with help and assistance and some much-needed rest in between caring and worrying for your loved one.

Here are some of the different types of trained professionals who can help care for a cancer patient at home:

Also known as the regular family doctor, your GP can look after the overall care that the concerned person is getting at home. The GP can help organize for nurses and other professionals to come home and care, as well as offer you immediate advice on further steps to be taken in case of an emergency.

A district nurse, sometimes also referred to as a community nurse, can come for regular visits and help with various nursing care, including administering medication, helping with dressing, checking and advising about nutrition and exercise and more. A district nurse can also explain to you in detail how you can do the same at home on a daily basis.

In many instances, a person suffering from cancer will have trouble in controlling bowel movements, which can often lead to inconvenience and embarrassment, and also become difficult for family members to manage. A continence adviser will be able to assist with the same and also advise about what methods or equipment can help to take care of the condition.

An occupational therapist is a trained professional who will help you set up the home in such a way that it becomes easy and safe for the concerned person to live in. An OT will also suggest ways that will make everyday activities easier for the patient, as well as for the family members. In many cases, an OT will be able to guide you on various medical aids and accessories that can assist in day to day routine for the patient, such as bathing, eating, mobility and such.

This is one of the most immediate care options, where a private nurse will be with the patient at all times, in the home. Many health care agencies offer private home nurse services as caregivers.

While you may be spending a good amount of time with a loved one who has cancer, professional care at home can make a world of difference.

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