5 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Caregiver For A Dementia Patient

This is where the benefit of hiring a professional caregiver for a dementia patient comes in.

Even though dementia is not the type of condition that can be cured, or whose symptoms can be reversed, the best treatment is often one where doctors try and work on each symptom as a separate condition. As a result, it is extremely important to make sure that the patient gets each medication on the stipulated time, so that there is time for all medication and treatment plan to be followed properly. Also, a dementia patient will gradually suffer loss of memory, and will also lose control over movements, making it difficult to perform even the most basic of actions. Most dementia patients become completely dependent on the carer, hence it is even more important to have someone present who can solely devote time to look after the patient.

When you are caring for a loved one who has dementia, it can take a toll on your emotions and often make you feel guilty or frustrated. Constantly looking after someone can be an exhausting process, especially when you have other responsibilities to look after as well. Spending most of your time with the patient can make you feel drained out and leave little time to do anything else, or to relax. This can lead to extreme exhaustion, stress and even frustration. If you take time out for yourself, you may feel guilty about enjoying while your loved one is not well. This again can lead to feelings of guilt. A professional caregiver can help you by taking care of your loved one in a home environment, ensuring that the patient is comfortable. It will give you the ease of taking care of your other responsibilities and your own health too without taking away any attention from your loved one.

Professional caregivers are extensively trained to look after specific patients and conditions, and know how to approach a particular patient based on behaviour and temperament, as well as medical and emotional needs. At Care24, we make sure that our caregivers are always attuned to the patient’s every need, whether it is physical or emotional, and will provide your loved one with the utmost care, attention and dignity that they deserve.

All our caregivers are trained to directly communicate with the doctors and keep them updated about any progress or concern, as required. The caregiver will keep all prescriptions in place and maintain records related to daily and weekly progress and health overall. As and when required, they will share the same with the doctor in question and also assist in medical visits by going along with the patient, if you so wish.

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