4 Healthy Mantras To Help You Stick To Your New Year Health Resolutions

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The New Year is just round the corner, and even as you are planning your party celebrations, one more thing that most of us are already thinking about is starting on a healthier plan for the arriving year.

You may have tried it earlier in the first few months of the year, but failed to stick to a healthy regime for an entire year. Well, if you are game again, here are a few effective and tried and tested methods that can actually help you reach that goal.

4 Health Hacks To Stick To Your Healthy New Year Plans

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Did you realize that the bigger your plate, the more space you have to fill it with food? This is one of the biggest reasons of overeating, something that you don’t really want to do, but end up doing nevertheless. Instead of eating in full-sized plates, opt for smaller plates. You can start with one helping, eat slowly, and then take the next small helping if required. Once you start eating like this, your body will automatically realize when to stop, without making you stuff yourself up.

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As a rule, before you start any meal, have at least one or two glasses of water. Water is one of the healthiest and most filling natural drinks you can have, and it helps your body in many ways. Drinking water will flush out toxins and help you stay more active, provide a lubricant for your joints and prevent them from injury, help to regulate your body temperature and also keep your tissues and spinal cord in good health. The best part about drinking water is that it will fill you up without adding any extra calories or fats.

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Gone are the days of heading out to the gym and sweating it out, just because you have to. One of the biggest health mistakes we make is to start an exercise plan that we are not interested in, and fail to continue with the same. Instead of doing something that you are not really keen on doing, find an alternative way to stay active. There are various options available out there. From downloading healthy workout apps on your smartphone, to watching YouTube tutorials and following an aerobic or quick workout routine, heading out for a jog or run each day, or even enrolling in a fitness dance class or fitness sport session, the options are many. Just make sure that whatever activity you choose is something that you really want to do, and are not doing it just for the heck of it.

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When was the last time you actually followed a time table for eating? Ever heard about the concept of eating before sundown? If you haven’t, take note. One of the most effective way to make sure that your metabolism stays healthy, and that you stay fit and in shape, is to eat the last meal of the day before sunset. If you are not someone who can follow the clock to eat, try pulling up your eating times. For instance, have your lunch around noon, followed by a light snack in the early evening. For the last meal of the day, try and eat your dinner by 7, if not really before sundown. As long as you finish eating before 8 pm, your body will still do good in terms of metabolism. You can always sip on green tea later if hunger pangs hit you!

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