4 Easy Ways To Love Yourself This New Year And Stay Healthy

Easy Ways To Love Yourself

As you get ready to bring in the new year, we thought it’s the right time to pep you up into showing some love to yourself, and in the process get a healthier and fitter you.

Our busy lives hardly give us time to relax and recuperate, and often the overload of stress leads to depression, anxiety and more. So this year, why not try some realistic and easy ways to love yourself happy, and healthy too!

Writing a journal may seem a bit too much to some people, but in fact, sharing your thoughts and putting it down on paper (or on a screen if you prefer, though we would still suggest the paper pen way) is a great way to remove your negative thoughts. When you write down your deepest and most hurtful feelings, it helps release tension and lets you vent out, without really discussing it with others. Also, if you write down your happy thoughts, it will help you live those happy moments all over again and make you feel happier, giving your mood a boost.

You may have thought it weird the way people in laugh clubs raise up their hands and start laughing, but actually, there’s a good reason to laugh out loud without any real reason. When you laugh out loud, you also take part in some deep breathing routine that helps to improve your blood circulation. Just the sound of laughter  has a positive effect on your psychological well-being. If joining a laughter club is not your thing, read a funny book or go online to find something that tickles your bone, and laugh  out loud.

Breathing is something we have to do to stay alive, but deep breathing every day for a few minutes can help you live a happier and healthier life. When you breathe in deeply, it helps you relax and makes you feel calm and composed, thus pushing off your negative thoughts and anxieties. It also helps to keep your blood pressure in check and keeps your airways healthy. Take a deep breath and count from 0 to 10. Exhale slowly.

An exercise a day will keep depression, fatigue and various health issues at bay! It is important to start an exercise that you know for sure you will continue with, instead of just starting something and giving up midway. You don’t have to hit the gym if you don’t want to. Instead, find any alternate exercise that you enjoy, such as cycling, hiking, walking, dancing, hula hoops, skipping or even yoga.

The key to staying healthy is to make sure that you are happy and able to keep a positive frame of mind. Once you practice the above tips on a daily basis, you will very soon notice a change in yourself that you’d love to continue with.

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