3 Reasons You Need Physiotherapy Treatment After A Stroke

Physiotherapy can be an effective way to help you get back to health after you suffer a stroke. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should be medically fit and stable to start exercising. Your doctor will give you the go-ahead on this, and your physiotherapist will also assess your overall health before you begin the session.

One main problem that arises as a result of a stroke is that many patients suffer from partial paralysis, or experience a loss of function in their muscles. This usually happens on only one side of the body. Physiotherapy will not only help you heal and recover better from the overall effects of the stroke but will also help you recover from the effects of paralysis or loss of muscle functioning.

Your first meeting and possible sessions will most likely begin around the time you are still in the hospital. The main aim of your physiotherapist will be to help you get back to your earlier routine and enable you to start functioning normally.

Your physiotherapist will plan your treatment based on the severity of the stroke you suffered, as well as any related health problems you may have had. Here are some of the things your physiotherapist will offer as part of the rehabilitation process:

Your therapist will help you to re-learn all those basic rituals and movements you did earlier, before the stroke. Some of these activities will be extremely basic, but very important, such as sitting up on the bed from a lying down position, getting out of the bed on your own, brushing, walking and so on.

After suffering from a stroke, your muscles tend to get weak and you may lose your balance. Your therapist will focus on creating a specific exercise plan for you that will help to speed up your recovery and rehabilitation process. These specific exercises will aim to bring back strength to your muscles that have become weak, help you improve your overall balance, as well as bring back strength in your limbs to be able to perform everyday chores.

Often after the stroke, you may need to use some equipment that will help you stay safe. Your therapist will show you how you can use these on your own and will help you practice using them independently, till you are comfortable to do so by yourself.

Physiotherapy is a good way to ease yourself back into your earlier routine and improve your overall strength. With proper sessions, you will reclaim your health as well as start enjoying your regular lifestyle. To get the best out of your physiotherapy sessions, do book an appointment with our trained therapists and avail of their services right in the comfort of your home.

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