12 May – International Nurses Day

Gone are the days when you pictured the nurse as wearing starched aprons with cotton caps, meticulous hair living in fear of the ward sister and matron. The present day nurse is qualified, knowledgeable and well versed in professional medical care.

As the world is competitive, so does the Nursing profession. Nursing as a profession has become valued. The courses to become a registered nurse have strict admission criteria and extensive entrance examinations, with a stringent screening process.

Today, the role of a Nurse has changed significantly. A Nurse is expected to process patient data and carry out research about the ailments of the subject she is treating. She has to keep abreast of the latest technological advances in the nursing field. Not only that but nurses now have to study for a degree to be able to enter the profession and become a registered nurse. The most recognised qualifications of the Registered Nurse in India are – ANM, GNM, BSE, MSE. The Nurses also opt for pursuing M. Phil and Ph.D. in their field of specialization. The recent courses in nursing are Clinical Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Researcher, Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse and more. 

Current challenges that pepper the healthcare landscape, including an ageing population as well as diminished staffing levels and rising patient demand, also mean nurses do a vastly different job compared to what they did half a century ago.

Registered Nurse extends hospital-like care at home.

Important in-home Nursing activities that a Registered Nurse performs

Monitoring of Vital Signs

Intravenous Medication & IV Fluid Management at home 

Tracheostomy Care 

Urinary Catheterisation

Vaccination for newborns at home

Colostomy Care & Drain Care



The Medical Conditions which require intricate Nursing Care

Brain Stroke Care

Post-Surgical Care

Cardiac Care

ICU Care at home

Pregnancy Care

Baby Care

Wound Care

Palliative Care


Read More –The Need for Nursing Care ; Five-Reasons-Why-Healthcare-Is-Not-Possible-Without-Nurses

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