10 Tips To Start The Year On A Healthy Running Routine

Some people take to running because they love the rush and the feeling of being outdoors, while others take to it to try and lose weight and stay healthy. Then again, there are many who start running but quickly give up, unable to maintain the pace.

If you have ever tried running but couldn’t continue, or are thinking of starting now, there couldn’t be a better time to do so. With the new year just round the corner, try these easy tips to help you stay on this healthy quest.

10 Tips To Start Your Running Routine

One of the very first mistakes that most of us make while running is to directly start running. If you start running without doing any warm-ups, especially if you are a new runner, your body will lose energy faster and you will run out of breath easily, forcing you to stop soon. Instead of starting to run the moment you hit the road, ease your body into it. Start with a slow walk and build up the tempo, gradually moving on to a jog. As your body gets acclimatized to the movement, start your run.

To build your stamina, the best approach you can take to running is to follow the hard and easy running schedule. It means that one day you run hard, clocking a longer distance in lesser time, and next day take it easy, clocking the same distance in more time than the previous day. This will keep your body fluctuating between the hard and easy run times, and not make you run out of energy suddenly or make your body work too hard as opposed to what it is used to do.

You may think that running is all about moving ahead, but it is also important to have the right posture. To get yourself in the best posture for running, make sure that you keep your upper body in a relaxed state instead of being tight or slumped. Keep breathing properly, inhaling and exhaling as you run.

Before you start running, it is very important to eat and drink right, so that your body gets the perfect amount of energy and stamina. You will be surprised to know that one of the best drinks you can have before a run, which will give you energy and also keep you fuelled up, is chocolate milkshake. The drink has the right mix of protein and carbohydrates, which will help to build your lean muscle mass as well as repair and re-build your muscles.

It is important to stick to your running routine, because once you stop it midway it can get difficult to get back on track. Try to stick to the routine and don’t miss your days of running. If on certain days you are not able to run, due to low energy of lack of time, try to go for a small jog or fast walk at least. This will help your body maintain some part of the routine.

The right type of shoes and clothes can make or break your running. There is no need to go for expensive gear, but instead, choose what you will be comfortable in and what is actually suitable. For instance, the right type of running shoes can help you run more without your heels hurting, as opposed to wearing regular walking shoes. Also, wear clothes that will not make you feel uncomfortable or itchy while sweating.

Having water regularly will help you run better, without getting tired. It will also help to reduce your chances of fatigue and pain. Have a bottle of water at least an hour before you start your run, and sip some before you head out. You can have some water in between your run, and definitely after you are done.

Using a tracking app is a great way to follow your progress. There are various free apps available that you can try working with, such as Endomondo and pedometer apps that let you track the distance travelled, the time taken and also the amount of calorie you burnt. If you see yourself progressing, it will keep you interested in continuing the same.

Instead of simply running, have some goals that you can challenge yourself to reach and cross. For instance, if you are running for the first time, challenge yourself to complete 2 kilometer’s without stopping. Once you can do that comfortably, set a time limit to it and beat the clock. Slowly increase your distance from 2 to 5 to 8 to even 10 kilometer’s, depending on your overall health.

The right type of music can do a lot of good when it comes to running. Select music that will keep you pumped up and in the mood to run.

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