Mother & Infant Care

Your baby is the greatest gift you have ever received.So fragile, So rare.

Why do you need us?

Childbirth is the most arduous thing that a human body ever goes through. And taking care of a tiny new life does not make recovery any easier. Yet, care of the new mother often takes a backseat to fussing over the care for the new baby!

The fact is, it is as crucial for new mothers to regain their health as it is to take care of the baby.

What Care24 services offer?

Early motherhood is an amazing experience, that comes with such day-to-day delights as sleep deprivation, fatigue, feelings of lack of control, a wide variety of pains and aches, and feelings of lack of control.

Caring for the Mother

Care24 PEARL

Care24 brings you world class postnatal care to your doorstep. We make sure that you have access to everything that early motherhood requires: from day-to-day assistance and physical well-being, to food, exercise and psychological support.

PEARL Maternity Care Package

Our highly customizable package includes the following:

A medically trained partner who will monitor your case like a professional, and be there for you like a friend.

  • Monitoring vitals and Blood Sugar.
  • Episiotomy or Caesarean Incision Care
  • Lochia Assessment
  • Uterine Involution Assessment

Trained caregivers to lend you a hand in the day-to-day struggles of being a new mother.

  • Assist the mother with getting up, sponging, toileting, bathing
  • Preparing sitz bath, applying ointment on stitches and helping change pads
  • Positioning the baby for breastfeeding
  • Breast care including relieving breast engorgement and applying ointment for sore / cracked nipples
  • Emotional support for the mother

You (and your baby) are what you eat.

  • Personalised Nutrition Counselling sessions at home
  • Health, activity level and BMR assessment
  • Customised Nutrition plan to address the dual goal of:
    • Ensuring healthy supply of nutrients to the baby
    • Helping the mother to get back in shape
  • Monthly tracking

Get back in your pre-pregnancy shape.

  • Personalised Post Natal Yoga sessions at home
  • Focus on stretching, mental centring and breathing exercises
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improves sleep and increases energy levels

Manage your aches and pains with an expert

  • 5+ years experienced Physiotherapists help you with -
  • Treat neck, back and shoulder pains through exercise and other modalities
  • Get back in shape through simple and easy exercises for
    • Core muscle strengthening
    • Specific muscle balancing
    • Correcting ‘Diastasis Recti'
  • Personalised lactation counselling at home
  • Practical session on correct breastfeeding positions and latching techniques for mother and the baby
  • Management of breastfeeding challenges
  • Advice on foods to enhance milk production and fluid intake during breastfeeding
  • Practical sessions on how to:
    • Hold the baby and Burp the baby
    • Diaper and clean the baby
    • Massage and bathe the baby
    • Sterilize equipment
  • Advise on primary homecare during common childhood illnesses
  • Advise on accident prevention

Postpartum depression is real, but you don't need to handle it alone

  • Personalised psychologist sessions for you and your partner
  • Helps deal with Postpartum blues which affect 70-80% of all mothers' post delivery
  • Helps diagnose and treat Postpartum Depression
  • Helps deal with early parenthood challenges

Caring for the Baby

Care24 brings personalised Infant care packages to meet all the demands of your baby care. We create a conducive environment for the proper care, growth and nourishment of your baby. We ensure that all your worries are taken care of , and you spend maximum quality time with your baby.

PEARL Infant Care Package

Infant caregiver: Baby Care as it should be

Our caregivers are handpicked, thoroughly whetted, and highly trained professionals who take pride in caring for your baby.

  • Baby massage and bathing the baby
  • Holding, diapering and cleaning the baby
  • Engaging the baby through toys, nursery rhymes and books
  • Formula feeding and expressed breast milk feeding
  • Administer necessary typical ointments
  • Oral medication as directed by parents.
  • First aid and emergency handling.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment for the baby
  • Maintain accurate records of infant's daily activities
  • Wash and iron baby cloths
  • Wash baby utensils
  • Sterilize equipments
  • Vigilance over the baby's milestones
  • Rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking and more.
  • Care protocols to ensure safety.
  • Greeting the baby with smiles
  • Reacting to their achievements with genuine enthusiasm
  • A nurturing attitude shown through hugs and cuddling
  • Helps babies feel secure and develop trust

A medical professional who oversees the caregiver of your baby, and makes weekly assessments to make sure that your baby is progressing just as it should.

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