Neuro Rehabilitation

Restoring your independence, with expertise and comprehensive care

Why do you need us?

A neurological trauma can bring your normal life to a sudden halt.

Medical Conditions like paralysis, sensory and cognitive difficulties or loss of memory and other mental disturbances which could follow neurological injuries and strokes make recovery a painful and slow process. It affects the patient's abilities, lifestyle and independence.

With a multidisciplinary approach, Care24's Neuro Rehabilitation specializes in rehabilitative care, providing expert services ranging from neurological rehabilitation to stroke rehabilitation and is all you need to bring your everyday life back on the right track before long!

What Care24 Services Offer?

The Care24 team promises to bring to the comfort of your home high quality interdisciplinary rehabilitation, helping you inch closer and closer to recovery, everyday.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neurological injuries might damage the patient's ability to move around with ease. Our physiotherapists specialized in neurological rehabilitative care will provide the best treatment to help you regain control over motor abilities.

It is the gift of speech which makes possible human expression. However, certain neurological conditions may cause speech disorders, hampering one's ability to communicate like before. Care24's Speech Therapists are trained to help you recover normalcy in communication.

Dependency on others for all our daily activities gets in the way of our need for autonomy. Following a neurological trauma, patients find it difficult to independently carry on their day-to- day lives. Through Occupational Therapy, Care24 helps you master daily tasks for an independent living.

A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body. But, a neurological injury may damage the mind just as much as the body. Care24 offers Neuropsychological care, detecting and addressing traumas of the mind so that the mind and body heal together.

Care24 offers rehabilitation nursing to assist patients battling neurological trauma, ensuring medical stability in a therapeutic environment.

Effective recovery from neurological trauma also demands an appropriate diet plan to meet the changing needs of the patient's body. Care24's Nutrition Counseling supervises an adequate nutrition plan to help you recover better.

A well monitored recovery is always the best. Care24 provides dynamic rehabilitation planning which helps accelerate recovery.

Rehabilitation Care giving


Attendant For Rehabilitation Care

Neurological Rehabilitation requires a combination of various levels of expertise and care. Care24 has attendants trained specially to cater to the needs of patients undergoing neurological rehabilitation. The attendants are experts in assisting physical therapists and also help the patients in their daily activities.

a. The package will be designed as per your target and dietary preferences.

b. Will include 3 sessions with the expert, who has good experience and speciality in nutrition category.

c. Experts will help you with healthy recipes and superfoods, which will help you achieve your targets in the most efficient and healthy way.

d. Will include detailed diet chart, exercise routine (if needed) and 24x7 support and motivation from the expert.

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The Care24 Advantage

Care24 Customized Rehabilitation Plan

Your preference. Our Priority.

A customized rehabilitation plan delivered by the team most suitable to you

Your preference. Our Priority.

A customized rehabilitation plan delivered by the team most suitable to you

Home Health Care - Care24

From the Hospital to the Home

Recovery doesn't need a break. From immediate rehabilitative therapy in the hospital to in- home recovery, we are the experts.

Care24 Adaptive Progressive therapy

Your needs change, our interventions too.

Progressive therapy to adapt to the patient's needs as treatment unfolds

Rehabilitation Care At Home

Rehabilitation is a journey. We become your support system.

Always there for you with our toll free number, dedicated rehabilitation managers and Mobile App.

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My grandmother has recovered so well from the paralysis that she is able to walk in a span of just one month. Thanks to Care24. I am very grateful that they have such experienced medical professionals.

Shamen Surve Neuro Rehabilitaiton Testimonial

Shamen Surve,



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